Dead Beat ??? Maybe , Maybe not

by R Gardner
(Savannah, GA. USA)

I have been dealing with the child support system for going on 18 years now. My support has been inconsistent due to changing jobs, life and lack of education. I'm not making excuses but the mother of my oldest child has never supported a relationship. As a militant 23 year old (at the time) I told myself that I was making a statement by rebelling. I wrote letters to child support accusing them of everything from being unfair to genocide. I hated the government for taking such control of my life and not giving me a real chance to see my child. Now some 17 years later I have little to no relationship with my child, I'm over 30 thousand in debt, her mother told her the worst things about me, my license is currently suspended, I feel totally screwed by my circumstances and I read your article that puts me in a frame of mind that I am a bad person because I did all the wrong things for so many years. When I had a steady job child support was garnished from my check. My income taxes were intercepted, liens were placed on my vehicles and I still felt like I had no other recourse but to accept it. I joined the fatherhood program to mix with people like me but it still did not get me to my child. I'm currently at a lost. I have been up and down in this state for so long I'm numb to my life and I feel really restricted. I'm having trouble finding a job and I feel my drivers license would allow more opportunities for me to work and legally get where I need to be to work. I feel Georgia child support laws as assinined (if that is a word) and it was made by idiots. Why would you take a drivers license when driving is a way to work to get garnished. I don't have a problem paying because they get the money before I do. I just think that I deserve every right to meet my obligations.

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