In 2000 I had a serious head injury and was 'away from the world' for many months. When I began to come around I found that my, then, so called wife, had lost our house and auctioned off everything we owned and threw my older children from a previous marriage on the street and was having affair after affair. My small child was her and our son was suffering because of her lack of care and 'after work' activities. She was a Chemist too and not some part mall pencil seller. After I realized what was going on she was apologetic and seemingly remorseful but still we divorced. She was dating a guy who had been seeing her even BEFORE my accident. To make a long story short she agreed to sign several documents acknowledging what she did and all that she owed me from her actions. We had joint custody for a short time until her alcoholic live in decided to threaten my now 8 year old soon who called me up crying in the middle of the night. The guy even through my stereo out of the top story window of her pricey condo. I took custody of my son along with my new wife at the urging of the local police. We moved away and she had regular visitation rights. She THEN began all of antics again and agreed to give up custody altogether when we decided to move to Asia to make my retirement go further and to give my high school age son a chance for a private school and to be bilingual. For the first year she sent NOTHING and then when he went back to the US to visit she began sending a very little bit. Now her and her husband are both working professional and I am on a small retirement disability because of seizures still etc. She send $350 a month and then cries if I ask any help for his tuition etc. It barely covers food for my son my size. He spends most of his summer vacation in the US with her but last time she only took ONE DAY OFF of her work to stay with him. The rest of the time she spent having him visit my mom and his sisters and brothers. So sad for him and even for HER. When he is NOT there her and her husband drink wine with dinner and go downtown Chicago for dinner and on trips but she has NOTHING extra for her own son. It's really disgusting and she has become soo cocky since we live abroad. She lied to an attorney there and its just heartbreaking for my son to know his mother is only worried about herself but still insists on the travel costs to the US and back every year and MAYBE this time she'll take off two or THREE days to spend with him out of over a month. She will not help with tuition or clothing or eyeglasses or allowance or trips for him and his school or medicines etc. She dropped it down to $350 after gas prices rose and never brought it back up. Now is trying to hold THAT back since she says when he goes to visit her she does not have to continue to send anything to us here...tsk tsk tsk she is truly a NW Indiana dead beat mom?

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