Dead Beat - The TRUE Meaning

by Sue
(Houston, TX)

Well, this adventure in the child support system started back in 1996 and Oh what an awful adventure it has been. The AG's office claims that they work for the child and the betterment of their lives. Well, I'm here to tell you the Truth of one Deadbeat Mom that owes over $50,000.00 in child support and has not even suffered a slap on the hand for her actions. She abused my child, dumped my child and uses the system to her advantage in order to keep from paying her COURT ORDERED child support. Now really, what does COURT ORDERED mean and does it really stand by the words that are written on it? That is the million dollar question. It states all of the really scary things that will happen to you if you do not follow what it states, but does anyone really have the, what's the right word here, PASSION FOR OUR CHILDREN'S RIGHTS, do follow through with the threats that this piece of paper refers to???? I don't think so...we have been to court in attempts to collect SOMETHING, and have received NOTHING and neither has she...imagine that. We even have that nice little COURT ORDER that CLEARLY states what she is ORDERED to do, when she is ORDERED to do it, and how she is ORDERED to do it...but yet...12 years later...she hasn't followed THE ORDER and we have not received what we have been ORDERED to receive. Now where is the justice at...out to lunch I suppose. Who gets to tell my child that he cannot eat tonight because there is no support coming in??? Not the ORDER! Who tells my child that he can't have that toy because there's no support!! NOT THE ORDER!!! So, here is where I begin to question - is the Mom that is not paying her child support the DEADBEAT or the ORDER/JUSTICE SYSTEM that does not hold her to it's words the DEADBEAT?

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orders enforced/ HA-HA-hhha
by: orders not enforced?

YOU ARE SO RIGHT MY EX KEEPS BEING IN CONTEMPT BUT NOTHING AND i\I MEAN NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO HIM CUZ THEY ARE GOING TO ALLOW HIM MORE TIME. HE CANT PAY HIS CHILD SUPPORT BUT HE CAN OBTAIN AN ATTORNEY? from bench warrants to contempts to partial pmt to allow for extension? to warrants(cant find him) He owns property? where he resides. I know how you feel. please also write a letter to the Attorney General.

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