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by: mom of 2

I am having similar issues with CSE the local office does nothing. He lives less then five miles from me and works under the table. Today I finally got him into court after two years and they just let him walk. I have a sick child no help from the ex and local CSE let him walk how do they expect single parents to support our kids if they won't do there job. They know where he works and how much he makes but won't enforce my court order. Why do they bother having Child Support Enforcment if they aren't going to help those they are paid to help????

Daddy's had enough??
by: J. Rose

In response to the comment by Daddy's had enough..

Dude- I can see your frustration, but your way of dealing with it is unhealthy. If you really cared for your kids wellbeing, I would hope that you would not allow yourself to resort to this kind of thinking. Homicide will not change things for the better. Being an advocate by voicing ideas on how to change things for the better and maybe even contacting your states rep. to question what he/she is doing to make life better for our kids would be a healthy and loving outlet for your anger. Dont lose yourself or the respect of your children by allowing your anger to turn to evil.

I pray that you find peace in God, and that somehow you and your ex find a way to forgive each other, and be the parents that God trusted you to be when He graced you with the gift of children.

With sincere compassion-

J. Rose

creepy comment reply
by: anonymous

In reply to the last comment . . .did you actually read what she said? [YOU] have issues! i hope [your] ex can obtain any monies that are due her.

Only resolve
by: Daddys had enough

Don't be upset you may have to take matters into your own hands..Like the Dad who killed his ex girlfried becuase she was using the system to rape him for child support. He shot her in the head....LoL

You don't know how relieved I was to read about what a heroic step this man took to take charge of his affairs and not let some lesbian court appointed magestrate dictate how he will live based on a child support order.. I could only imagine how good he felt when he put that bullet in her head.. Oh how good it must have felt. And I'm sure he's ok in jail because he'll have the memory of putting her down for as long as he lives.. I feel the same way and dream of killing my daughters mother everyday....everyday....everyday... but I won't be as nice as him I would torture her for at least a couple of hours before I dig both her eyes out while she's alive and then shoot her in her mouth 3 times. I love my daughters and at one point had joint custody of them. I am a great dad, don't ask me ask them. I see to it that they have whatever they want in life weather it be clothes, lab tops, money shoes ect. and all this while paying a child support order averaging 700 per month I've already paid over 25,000 in child support and yes I owe areas but that's not due to me not paying.. It's in part due to my stupidity by not getting my orders modified whenever I had a change in circumstances.. I've worked like an animal so that I can fullful this child support obligation and take care of my kids outside of the order. Why should we (Fathers) live like scavengers and have a pathetic quality of life while paying child support.. Do we not count. The answer is no.. So I say to this, one day we will all rise up and kill all the mothers who are using the court system to rape us. Oh yeah She's taking me to court right now for an upward modification.. But I'd rather spend time in jail then to be raped by her and a judge call me what you want.. Maybe one day someone will find her on the side of the road without any eyes and 3 bullets in her throat.. I relish the moment... Sincerley, Daddy's had enough.

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