Deadbeat dad still has his rights..

by Teera

I had a son when i was 19 with a guy i thought i loved. shortly after turning 20 i realized i didnt love him. He was awful to me and very verbally abusive to me, yet he loved his son very much. I moved out when our son was 6months old.
we went to court(at my expense) a few months later to get a custody agreement in place, and ive been paying for it ever since. Here are the terms of our agreement:

I have Sole Physical Custody and he has visitation rights. Every other weekend/ holiday, and six weeks in the summer.
We have Joint Legal Custody.

He was ordered to pay child support, half of transportation costs, and 1/2 of Daycare expenses.
Since then, he barely ever pays child support. I got child support from may of '09 to may'10 only because he was recieving unemployment and they took it out automatically. I havent recieve a dime since may. as far as transportation, he has not reliable vehicle and the majority of the time im transporting my son to his dads and also picking him up. a six hour round trip for me. so pretty much if it wasnt for me he wouldnt even see his son on his scheduled time. Im about to the point of saying its your responisiblity to pick you son up, and mine to come pick him up at the end of his stay. If you cant come get him then he just wont get him. But i dont know if i can do that or not.

He also has only payed daycare expenses maybe three times since the agreement was put in place.
What has happened to him? He got his liscense taken away. thats it!

I wish there was something more that i could do, but there doesnt seem to be any options. And to top it off ive been dating a guy whos in the army, if in the future it leads to marriage i will have to get HIS(my sons dad) PERMISSION to move out of state, and if he refusues(which i know he will) i will have to go to court and request their permission.

I just feel at such a loss. it almost seems i would have been way better off giving my son my last name and never going to court. :(

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Feb 26, 2012
re rights of deadbeat dads
by: Anonymous

IN ILLINOIS, can the court be asked to terminate parental rights of a father who has been taken to court 7 times for back payments and never paid, and who shows little or no interest in his child?

Sep 02, 2010
You will get him
by: Anonymous

Well just keep in mind you are suffering now but all he is doing is adding to the interest and it can be 100 years later he will still owe you plus the interest and the courts will make him pay it eventually. So basicly he is setting up your retirement fund. Here are some things you can do: have every peice of property (his house, car, trailers, etc)and have a State Law Lein placed on them. So he can't sell, trade, borrow on anything. Then have them put his arrearages on his credit report. It may seem like theres no help out there but beleive me the longer it goes on the more they can do. Sorry saps like him are the reasons why us real fathers are called dead beat dads. Good Luck.

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