Deadbeat Mother, with no help from the system


For the past four years it has been a non stop battle between my ex wife and I about child support. My ex wife is ordered to pay me weekly child support and has consistently refused to pay. After trying every method there is in order to resolve this dispute, I spoke with the prosecutor of the county to which I reside in about incarcerating her for her negligence. He told me that my expectations were way to high to ever think that she will be placed in jail for not paying child support b/c she doesn't have a job.

Is someone trying to protect her from being incarcerated? Cause the last time HE checked, she DID have a job. The Prosecutor's office in Orange County Indiana is nothing but a joke. They don't try to do anything other than make your life a living hell. With her working and I reminded him of that as well, I have not received one garnishment of her wages, nor have I received her taxes (this year) because her husband filed injured spouse.

They refuse to suspend her driver's license. When I confronted them in regards to her runnin a streets all the time, they stated that they couldn't suspend her license because then she couldn't look for work. What was stopping her when she had a valid driver's license? She wasn't looking when she had a license, why would she bother to look now? And to top it all off, my ex has had a job for almost a year at the same place working as a substitute teacher...and I'm still being pushed aside like it's MY fault.

And the other question that I have is if the county refuses to lock her up because she is supposedly not working, then how come many upon many NCP father's have been incacerated for non pay WHEN THEY DIDN'T HAVE A JOB? Is somebody being bias or is this just pure laziness?

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20 years of this
by: CJ from Ohio

Butler County CSEA has done the same things you have described to me and my daughter for 20 years. I was the one who had to call with his whereabouts, employeer, or tell them what state he could be located in. At the time my daughter graduated high school, her dad was owing over $15,000 dollars. He never went to jail, never got his license suspended, and would regularly quit a job than work if they garnished his wages. Not once did I get an increase in support because he quit the job before the paper work would get thru. Here I am 5 years since my daughter graduated high school still fighting. He's not working but is going to Sinclair community college on some grant. He lost his license due to the numerous DUI convictions. Butler County won't serve him, meaning no warrant for his arrest, because they don't have the man power. The Attorney for BCCSEA told the magistrate yesterday that it is ONLY an arrearage case. Apparently he's over paid if he's ONLY doing this for the money. Don't expect this to get better as the years go by. Understand these are your children to raise the best you can. That may be the only thing you take away from this experience.

by: Lady V

Sometimes I feel that the child support laws are unfair. I can't understand why they are so willing to lock up the FATHER but not the MOTHER. If the MOTHER is ordered to pay child support and isn't paying then she should suffer the same consequences as the FATHER. If this was an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband that wasn't paying his child support, his license would have been suspended and they would have a warrant for his arrest. If the non-custodial parent has an order, I think they should abide by the order and take care of their child. The sad part is......SOMEONE HAS TO MAKE YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

I don't understand?
by: Kay from Indiana

I can't believe that you are getting this unjustice!!!! It blows me away how they can treat your case like this, when you see men paying c.s & told by the judges that if you can't pay the amount GO GET ANOTHER JOB!!!!

Have you talked to the Attorney General? That has gotten someone's attention in my case in CA. Hire a private investigator showing she is working to & fro! I have a great one that lets make payments for his services & he's resonable! Try them? Or go photograph her or have someone that will just be careful because it would be considered harrassment

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