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Applying for Delaware child support services is a simple procedure

All you have to do is request an application for  Delaware child support services by visiting your local Division of Child Support Enforcement office, by calling to request the application, or by downloading the application at the website listed below.

Will Any Child Support Enforcement Office Help Me Locate The Non-Custodial Parent?
Yes. If you are having trouble locating your child’s other parent, the staff at the Division of Delaware Child Support Enforcement office may be able to help you. This parent locator service utilizes automated records from both state and federal records. For example, files from the Department of Motor Vehicle, the Department of Labor, New Hire databases, and vital statistics, can be searched nationwide to identify the location of the non-custodial parent. If this person is found to be living in another state, the staff at the child support enforcement office can work with child support staff in the other state to establish and enforce a child support order.

In order to utilize the parent locator service, you will need to provide some information to the staff at the Division of Child Support Enforcement about the non-custodial parent. You will need the non-custodial parent's full name, date of birth and either the non-custodial parent's social security number, his or her last known address, or information about his or her parents. Basically, the more information you can provide about the non-custodial parent, the better chance you will have of actually locating that person. 

How Do I Establish A Court Order For Child Support?
Child support is legally mandated via a court order established in family court. In a situation that involves a divorce, this court order may be established as part of the divorce settlement. However, if no court order exists, the Division of Child Support Enforcement will ask the family court to establish a child support order. 

A child support order will establish the monthly amount of money to be paid by the non-custodial parent for the support of the child. This amount will be calculated using a pre-established formula. The child support enforcement staff can also ask for a medical support order to be established as a provision of the child support order to cover the health care needs of the child.

How Is the Amount of Child Support Determined?
In the state of Delaware, as in most states, the amount money to be paid for child support is determined by a pre-established formula. Under Delaware child support laws, this formula is called the Delaware Support Formula. It takes into consideration the financial needs of the child, the financial status of both parents and the custodial situation. 

What Measures Are Used To Enforce Delaware Child Support Orders?

The most common method used for collecting child support payments in Delaware is the Wage Attachment method. This involves requesting the non-custodial parent’s employer to deduct child support payments directly from his or her paycheck just as taxes and other fees are collected. These funds are then sent to the Division of Child Support Enforcement to be disbursed to the custodial parent. This method ensures that child support payments are made in a timely manner each month.

However, there are certainly many cases that arise where the non-custodial parent does not pay his or her child support payments. The Division of Child Support Enforcement staff can take any one of a number of measures to ensure that child support payments are made in full and on time. Non-custodial parents who do not pay the required child support payments may have to face fines, penalties, and other measures such as:

  • License Suspension
  • Income Tax Refund Interception
  • Passport Revocation
  • Lottery Interception
  • Withholding of Unemployment Compensation or Worker’s Compensation Payments
  • Liens

Delaware Child Support Laws-You will find more information on Delaware child support laws. Information such as payment processing, receiving child support, and how to contact a child support office.

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