by Michael
(South Carolina)

I am a SC resident,happily married for the last 6 years with a beautiful 4 1/2 little girl and a 14 yr old step daughter, both of which lives in our household. This past January I received DNA test results showing that I am a father to a 13 1/2 yr old boy who lives in Florida with his mother, two little brothers and a lttle sister all from different fathers.

They also live with their mothers mother and her father and retarded 20yr old brother. The situation back then...we dated for a total of 2 months. When we 1st started dating, she thought she was pregnant by her ex-bf. She went to the dr and found she wasnt and was placed on the pill. We agreed to wait a month before having sex. Well we had sex only 1 time during that 2 months. I learned she was cheating on me so I ended the relationship. So later on when she shows up claiming she was pregnant and I was the father, you can understand that I had my doubts that I was actually the father and I told her to get a paternity test done. I live in Florida almost 4 years after that. Heard nothing more from her. Now I live in SC.

About 4 years ago, She ran into my step mom in the dr office and learned I was in SC and that I was happily married with a little girl. So she called me up claiming that her son wanted to know who his father was that she wanted nothing more. Once again I told her that I wanted a paternity test. Well I got my test done the end of December 2008 and the end of January I found that I am his father. Very shocking news! They say it only takes one time...well lucky me. Needless to say that my wife is very loving and understanding. Besides it's not the kids fault. Still my son & I were both cheated the past 14 years. We immediately went to FL about 2 weeks after the news to meet him. All four of us went as a family. The kid lives in hell. He was on house arrest for not going to school, hitting his sibling and mother among other things. He is totally screwed up and after meeting the grandmother and seeing his living condition....we know why he is acting out. They starting having trouble with him when he was about 10...about the same time she tracked me down 4 yrs ago.

I even went on a week vacation to FL when he was on spring break to try and get to know him. The grandmother tried to control my time with him. I could only get him from 8am to 6pm monday through Wednesday. I was there for the whole week. I traveled 12 hours there to be with him for the week. Took time away from my family to go. That Wednesday I was 5 minutes late getting him home...the grandmother flew out the house when I drove up ranting and screaming at me. I could hear her loud and clear through the windows that was rolled up! He has family there...uncles, aunts, cousins and my parents and he is not allowed to go visit them. What are my rights....can he not come visit with us in SC for the summer? The mother and grandmother would not give me info on the parole officer handling his case so that I can learn what is going on and know what he truly can do. Please help. We can't afford a lawyer to fight anything. Oh we also learned from the child support papers that she reported she pays $600 rent (her part). We can't believe that when she moved in with her mom and there are 4 adults living there!

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