Didn't want them anyway

by Sammy Castaneda
(Kermit Tx)

In 2005, my ex and I went to court in Pecos County. During our court session there was nothing negative said on my behalf. there were numerous negative instances brought against her in which the courts still decided that she should be the custodial parent becasue she could be at home everyday. She got on disabiltity soon after our break up. She claims to be 95% deaf. I do not believe she is deaf, at least not that much, because she is able to argue and talk just fine until I tell her something about it then she remembers she is deaf. I was ordered to pay child support in the amount of 500+ for two kids. that amount increased though after a paternity test was done on my younger son whom she did not allow me to see for the first year of his life until the courts said so.

They made me pay back a year so i had to pay 700+ for about 1.5 years to get me caught up. I never missed my payments and i never missed any weekend that i was supposed to have my boys. On most occasions i drove the whole three hours to go pick them up friday night and come home. Also drove the whole three hours back on Sunday to make sure that they got there on time. She was supposed to meet me halfway but claimed she didn't have the money to be driving like that all the time. Even though i was payin her lots of money and she had nothing to show for it. I was still having to buy my boys clothes and other things for them because she said she couldn't afford them.

My oldest son has ADHD. Their mom was having a hard time with the boys and her other two kids from previous relationships. She was always griping to me about them and she finally had enough. she asked if my wife and I would take them for a year so she could get her "life" together and maybe go to college, of which neither happened. We made her sign over full custody of them to us if she wanted to do this. she had 4 months to change her mind but she still did it with no problems. After this I called a lawyer so that i could get papers drawn up. this alone cost me 1300 dollars as well as 2500 dollars from the first court sessions in which I wasted my money because my lawyer did not say anything.

He just told me to take what they give me. Some lawyer. After we got the papers done everything went smooth for about 1 to 2 months and then she started to mess up alot. not come get the boys and also she quit payin her child supports like she was supposed to. I only hit her for 120 dollars a month in child support. I could have gone for 250 a month even though she was not working. It has been well over a year now since any payments have been made. she is over 2000 dollars behind now and the goverment or attorney generals office have done nothing to make her pay.

I have called and asked about this many times and explained that if it was the other way around i would probably be in a jail cell already. The state told me that there are certain disabilities that the wages cannot be garnished. she is on one of them. they also told me that there is other disability income that she could be on that would garnish her wages but it has not been done yet either.It would be nice if she would grow up and accept her responsibilities instead of making excuses and telling lies to us constantly. As far as the state is concerned, I do not feel that they have done there part in this matter and sure seems like they favor the mom for whatever reason.

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Listen to her
by: Anonymous

I would listen to this person who posted before me. I could only wish and dream of having my daughter. My ex disappeared with my daughter for over 13 years and now she is 20 and I found her but I have lost out on all of her childhood, her sick days, her lossing teeth, and so much more. I am having to start from scracth getting to know my daughter and my new grand daughter. My ex is trying to get me for back child support after the courts and child support closed the cases because she had disappeared and no one knew were she was. NOw the courts are telling me I have to pay her 16,000 plus 13 years of interest almost 100,000 total. I don't understand how they can close my case refuse taking money from me then come back 13 years later telling me I owe. Yes the system is broken and needs to be fixed. We all need to ge together and fight the system, write your congressmen, your govenor, newspapers, tv, radoi whatever it takes to have the laws changed.

I know what your going thru
by: Laurie

I know you are sick of people saying that they are sorry and your kids are better off without her.

Even though that is true, you do seem very angry and I am sure the boys are feeling it also.

Think of it like this....

You got them out of a bad situation with a mother that only cares about herself. I am not trying to make the problem less, but make you see that you have your children with you and that is the best part.

I know she owes child support. Once she is paid up and your boys are in a steady place she might want to come in and tear that apart. You are the strong one, the one that your boys will look to and see you are a good daddy and a good man. Your wife is kind to allow this and I am sure she loves them as much if not more then you know of.

I hate to say it, but with the type of person she is it might be better to let the money part go, take full custody, cut her parental rights and move on.

These boys are looking at you for the future, not her. Do you really think she will be there for them after the way she has been before.

Sometimes you need to let it go to make things better. I know you want to do things that are unspeakable. But that makes no reasoning at all and you no better then her for that if you do.

She is not worth having those boys in their life and even if she does not see it now it will be to late when she does. Please let go of the anger, look at your boys and thank heaven that they are with YOU and NOT HER!

I wish I had the chance to get my two babies bk that were stolen, but AZ see's him as a fit parent even with a felony domestic abuse still fresh from prison. I can't fight anymore (I'm broke) and I am tired of being angry. I have 2 with me and I make sure everyday they know I love them and I am proud of them in every way!

You can spend the time going after her for money she might NEVER pay? Or you can take your boys to the park and play ball to show them your there and you love them.

Do you really want to give this woman anymore time then you already have? Is she really worth that of all of YOU?

She blew her chance, let her deal with it. Every dog has their day!

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