Disabled Mom and Child Support

by Julie V
(Los Angeles CA)

I'm not new to the deeply seated problems in child support enforcement and the politics involved in it. I've been "on" my CA case for 25+ years. I am currently receiving weekly checks from my deadbeat ex in Utah. He owes over $151,000.00+, not the highest amount ever owed in the U.S. but good enough for me. The checks I receive are strictly interest checks. His monthly court-ordered support went up from 450.00 per month, which he quit paying moving from state to state to 850.00 per month, which he has yet to pay in full for one month. This was after I went toe-to-toe with the judge/commissioner on a telephonic court appearance. Child support enforcement failed to let my deadbeat know of this increase for 5 more months, during which time judicial penalties just increased. I asked for a state hearing, I didn't end up needing it because someone(s) became nervous that I asked for it because they weren't doing their jobs. Stay on it people! Find out what the laws are in YOUR state and politely but persistently apply them, DON'T GIVE UP! That's what the system wants you to do, our children/grandchildren are worth the unnecessary stress. I even filed a complaint against my child support Ombudsman with him! Don't forget the federal laws too. I'm amazed at TX custodial parents, write your State Director for starters. The AG's office is overwhelmed but that no excuse. Personally I love to hear from people that I can educate and whom will act, not just vent, and then share with me their victory. Charge the hill!!!!

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Common Denominator
by: LKaemmer

Hey Disabled Mom!

I really appreciate this as I understand "Charging the hill." Although this means years of chasing after dead leads, court appearances, meetings with people who are obviously overwhelmed with the amount of work sitting on their desk, let alone have more than five minutes for your claim and on and on and on!

The only thing you can be sure of, is the fact that chasing the people who owe you will be equally as exhausting as running and can put you right in the ground next to them.

That is the common denominator.

I hope things turn out well for you, but I also want you to know that life is too short and the likelyhood of you getting 151,000.00 is probably not going to happen.

My ex-husband owes 81,000.00 and low and behold nobody can find him. I stopped chasing. He can't be found and that's all California can tell me. So in fairness to my daughter I put all of the energy I spent trying to find him into her and my family. There is so much freedom from stress now, I don't know how I ever did it all those years.

Take Care!

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