Doing the right thing hopefully still pays off.

by J. Ramirez

My story began shortly after returing from Desert Storm. I had a short lived relationship with a girl I met at a club and of course she had dreams of being a soilders wife. I had other plans even before she told me she was pregnant with my daughter I had broken it off. Well she made the decison for all three of our lives to have the baby even though I wished her to give her up for adoption. About a year later I returned home to Jersey and actually went to speak to a lawyer to help her as well as myself to find out what had to be done for my daughters child support. He informed me that the mother had to report to her local D.A. to setup the child support case for us. Well since she was bitter and not very bright she waited 8 years before she actually did this most likely because some of her buddies told her the same thing I had mentioned years before. I did what I could for those 8 years send what I could when I could actually find her since she moved around so much. I drove down myself to work this out with the D.A. and set it all up once she finally made the first step. They saw the kind of person she is and saw that I actually was trying to do the right thing all along. So since then I have been paying child support whenever I was employed or at least received unemployment. A few months ago I couldn't receive either and since all she did was harrass me even when I was sending in my payments, I cutoff communication between us, unfortunately my little girl would suffer through this as well. But since I couldn't send any money her mother went ahead and pushed it a little further and had N.J. enforcement agency get involved. I had to come up with 3,000 dollars to pay off all arrears as well as recent payments. So I had to borrow the most amount of money I've ever borrowed from anyone in my entire life to resolve this.

Just when you think things get better they get alittle worse. Beause the T.X. D.A. office told me to send it to them-N.J. ends up telling me no one has contacted them letting them know I just paid off my arears. To make things even better now both agencies are looking for money and I just started one of the best jobs I've had in a decade. I am afraid this is going to get out of control before it gets better or at least normal. Texas now has my employer info that they use to take money out. Unfortunately N.J. is now involved which acording to them they are supposed to be receiving payments. You all know where I'm going with this right? I quiver just thinking about what my 2nd pay stub is going to state. Because if I see 2 sets of child support payments going out, or the state of N.J. coming after me even though I am paying what I'm suppose to be paying-this is not the country I remember fighting for and it sure aint the country I want to be caught dead in.

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