Double Negative, looking for a positive.....

by K. Smith, Jr.

1. Kylah Smith (8yrs of age): Kylah's mother and I were married and separated. She claims that there is documentation for a divorce filed and granted but I have yet to see the documentation. Kylah has recently moved in with me since June 12 of '10. Since the separation, child support has been filed against me and is still current. It is now October and I would like suspend the order and request an order filed against her mother. In the mean time, her mother continues to call Kylah on the cellphone purchased by her mother and verbally abuses her.

Example, calling and explaining to her saying that she refuses to send her birthday presents due to Kylah choosing to live with me and what her mother describes as "your new momma." She also goes on to say that she will not continue to call her because she felt that her feelings were hurt because Kylah chose to stay with me for her birthday, so all of the anger is directed towards Kylah. I would like to file for full custody. Do I have a case?

2. Mariah Hornsby (2yrs of age): A very interesting case. Mariah has lived in Illinois for most of her short life and briefly lived in Florida. Mariah's mother does not work, but just recently enrolled in school. She finally, has a place of her own where somehow she isn't paying rent. She receives state aid and funds for enrolling in college. The problem is she's misusing the funds to support her bad habit of alcohol. According to my knowledge, Mariah's mother has been in the hospital on two separate occasions concerning alcohol. The second occurence was just recently. She is pregnant with her third child, so we all know how wrong this is. I am involved in a relationship of my own, I am NOT the father of this child, but I sat overnight in the hospital with her while my current girlfriend stayed home to care for Mariah and her brother. She has recently filed for child support against me because she felt that I haven't spent the time needed with Mariah. I end my shift late in the evening preventing me to spend time with her. However, on some weekends that I do not work, I've requested to pick Mariah up and have her spend some weekends with me and her sisters.

Those requests have been denied, due to whatever excuses that is tossed my way. How can she say that I do not spend time with my daughter if you're the one that deny my requests? So now I've received a message saying that I cannot see her until the court date given to me for child support enforced against me, October 13th '10. I would like to request full custody of Mariah as well due to alcohol abuse. Also for preventing child support to be given to Mariah's mother to support her alcohol habit. Do I have a case?

I hope so, I am very limited in funds....I will not be able to pay for attorneys.

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