Dying of Cancer and Child Support Officers Won't Help

Lake County California Child Support Workers are a group of women who have no respect for families or helping children. They care about their paychecks and complaining to one an other but ask them to do something or even return a phone call and forget it. I have cancer.

My ex-husband has paid his child support, he sends me a copy of payment from the state he lives in because they have said he hasn't paid but has. I didn't receive money because I was told he wasn't paying and had to go onto help from the state, for my two children not myself. Finally last year they told me they figured all things out and that they took all monies sent to pay back what I received from the state for my children which I agree should have been done. Then I was told that I needed to close my case because my ex has paid on time.

Which I did as I was told to do. So things closed and soon as I closed my case getting money from the state TANF then again they don't send me my child support. As long as I get state money they can figure things out and send money in a timely manner, but if I get no state aid where the state is owed money then California can't get my child support in order or send money for my children paid in the form of child support.

I asked for an audit and was given a copy that I had paid all monies ever received from the state. So how can the state he lives in show that he has sent monies, and when California received it and they could process this all in a timely manner until they no longer are owed money then they can't figure things out. So now we have no monies coming in because they can't figure or tell me what happened. This is has happened three times forcing me to get state help in order to live. I can't figure this out. Stupidity, yes, the women who work in this office are the worse of any living creature on earth. I have tubes coming out of me and am full of stitches, going through chemo and fighting for my life and they decide to loose my children;s child support without any letter stating they are going to be holding monies etc, so now we are going to be homeless with me in such a medical state.

Do they care no, I'm going to go to Sacramento and sit outside of the state offices with all these tubes and drains coming out of my body, going into their offices if these bleed out I can tell you they would be screaming but I have no choice but to go their and whatever happens happens, they created such a situation and they will have to deal with me bleeding out in their offices.

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