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by Grace

To all of you needy families out there, here are a few facts you should know about Illinois Child Support Springfield Region:

You are just a number, and if your case does not improve the Department’s Numbers to gain Federal Funding, your case will be closed as soon as possible. If your case cannot assist in actual collections, the Department will modify your Obligor’s child support obligation to reduce the amount of debt the Department has to report to the Feds for the Ratio of Collections to Support Order Obligations. (They reduce your ex's obligation to offset the loss they would receive from the Feds for not collecting on your order). This increases Federal Funding, and improves the "image" of Executives, and allows them to win awards for “performance”. When in actuality, this performance is largely “smoke and mirrors”.

Did you know if you had a “hard case” (actual IL Division of Child Support term) your case was on a list to be “closed as soon as possible” to prevent it from reducing credit to Illinois? Closure ran every 30 days, and Executives wanted your case closed if it was bringing down their collections. (recorded in depositional testimony)

Even better, the Deputy Director had her personal Child Support case hand delivered throughout the entire Child Support process (from application to court date in a record 10 days). Executives physically hand carried, drove to different counties, and obtained her Modification to increase her Child Support Award. Most clients had to wait 6 months or longer just to get her first interview… (recorded in Deposition Testimony)

These Executives were reported for these practices, including theft, mismanagement, abuse of power, holding parties (Cosmetic Breast Surgery of a supervisor)on State time, complete with cakes baked in the shape of female breasts. Staff were paid (by your tax dollars) to drive in and attend the party. (recorded in depositional testimony)

In addition, these same Executives lied to applicants during job interviews to get "less desirable" candidates to waive the positions, and slide in the employees they wanted to have the jobs. For example they intentionally told applicants the terms of the job were different from that which was true to encourage that candidate to waive the position, circumnavigating the AFSCME Bargaining Unit Contract. (recorded in Investigator Reports supporting these practices and Deposition Testimony).

They falsified “official records”, and violated their own policies by allowing uncertified forms to be submitted into personnel files. They hired high level employees on only a partial application with no proof or verification of college.

To anyone who thinks of blowing the whistle based on the State of Illinois Ethics promises to protect you…. DON’T, unless you are willing to commit career suicide. It is “business as usual in the Political Arena of Illinois.

For further information you can review the Federal Court Case 06-cv-03063 US District Court case: Springfield IL. Hamilton v. Oschwald, Holsopple, & Randsell.

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I believe it
by: O RLY?

I believe, agree with, and support what you are saying and doing. Thank you for standing up for what is right, as many would prefer to simply keep their mouths shut and continue to earn that paycheck.

Also, I'm certain that such is the case in almost all States, especially the ones that are clearly overaggressive with their child support laws.

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