Ex Military

by Ray S.
(Tampa, Florida)

I got out of the military in Las Vegas so my child support was 900.00 dollars more than the 18% because I was making money so I decided that was more than enough and not just that my ex wouldn't sign the divorce papers unless I agreed to 1000.00 a month but I couldn't do a grand. If it weren't for my girlfriend who has helped me out tremendous making those payments even when my income is just my unemployment I would have no where to live a good life. I'm currently attending school full time to get a degree to better provide for my child but my ex doesn't not understand that and won't agree on lower my child support. Not just that I pay 200.00 for health insurance for him as well since she cries and whines that she can't afford to live in the ghetto.

Yet she resides in a 4 bedroom rental house for her and one child in North Las Vegas. And I moved out of state to Florida so now I have to pay for air travel and expenses just to have him for one month. Because she refuses to pay half of the health insurance cost or go half on travel expenses.

And on top of that I would still have to pay child support even for the month that he is with me. I took her to court for modification but even that the judge told me that I choose to be unemployed and therefore wouldn't lower my child support even when my income is just unemployment. Even when I told the judge that I wanted to pursue a career and that is why I choose umemployment and I would make more money collecting that than getting a min wage job that would of for sure decreased the child support. The judge left me with lil options. Do I collect unemployment that I qualify for that pays me equivalent to 10.00 an hr or min wage job that would of left me in a financial burden either way..I just wanted a lil help from the system and I got none.

If I pay all this what does my ex pay except for entertainment and food. My money covers daycare for now since he is still young, and what she has left is for clothes, and I cover all health insurance to include co pays, dental bills, eye exams. So next year when he does not go to daycare? The money will hopely all go towards my son but who knows it might be used for a new car payment.

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Just Wrong
by: Anonymous

I hated the fact that my ex is so comfy with her new SUVs...yes plural! This is while our boys are left with old clothes and shoes. Heck she is still asking for more $$! WTH is she doing with the $1000/month that I give her??? I only pray that the state of Texas would institute some kind of mechanisms where I could contest how she spends the money. Here is the problem: the state mandates support (which I understand) out of concern for the welfare of the children but there is nothing on the other side which forces their mother to be responsible.

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