Ex-girlfriend and mother of my first born... Enough said

I was never married to the mother of my first child. She has an older son from another man. So, she has two kids by two different men (like a lot of women out there). A day before our daughter's 1st birthday, we went to court over child support. Side note: We were still dating when she was sneaky and filed for child support (about 2 weeks to a month before she broke up with me). Let's fast forward to when I met another woman. My ex and I hadn't been together for over 6 months, when I met someone new. I was doing whatever it took to care for my daughter and my new girlfriend knew that and was okay with it.

When I moved to be with my girlfriend (out-of-state) and better myself, my ex freaked out and started harassing my girlfriend and me. This all happen a little over 5 years ago and it still goes on today, even though my ex is about to be married. Back to the story... I moved and my ex would not allow me to talk to my daughter over the phone.

She would constantly hang up on me and I would continue to call but after the tenth time or so, I would just give up for the night. The only time my ex would call is when she needed something, which was normally money and if I agreed to send it to her for my daughter (or so I thought), she would only then let me talk to my daughter, but I was forced to talk to her son as well. Long story, huh?

It isn't over yet. So, my girlfriend and I got married in late 2006 and she got pregnant. When my ex heard out the pregnancy, that is when she freaked out and threatened me with anything she could think of. Still have emails and voice mails to prove it.

Well, my wife had a miscarriage, which seemed to make my ex happy. Well, my wife and I decided to move closer to my daughter so I would be able to "try" and see her. My ex still refused to let me get my daughter unless I took her son as well. Side note: This happened every time I wanted to get my daughter. My ex used to party all the time and wanted me to watch both the kids for her so she could go out. Got proof on this one too. Let's continue.

This went on for a little while, until my wife got pregnant again and when my ex found out, decided to take me to court to raise the child support. The Judge denied her the first time and then denied her again the second time. Finally the third time (within a year) when we went to court, she didn't show but her step-father's lawyer did, I was behind on my child support due to a family tragedy.

My daughter had passed away shortly after she was born and not even a month after that, my ex had us back in court. So, her lawyer was telling the Judge that I should be thrown in jail, etc and the Judge asked me to explain myself and that is when I had to tell everyone that my daughter had just passed away. Everyone in the room looked shocked, even my ex's lawyer.

My ex left that little bit of information out when requesting for child support to be raised. Well, needless to say the Judge once again denied her motion. But while we were there, I told the Judge that I hardly see my daughter, unless I take my ex's son (remember, her son is by another man). The Judge had a shocked look on her face then said no that was not going to happen. Well, from then on, we have been getting my daughter every other weekend by herself.

It was hard at first because my ex continued to try and push her son on me, but I had to stay strong. Side note: This is how crazy my ex is, while my wife was pregnant, my ex wished our unborn child dead. Then my daughter passed away.

Then a couple of days before Christmas, my ex emailed me telling me that she loved me and she like that I was helping my wife through this hard time and let me know that when I was ready to go home to my "real" family, that she and the kids would be there with open arms... Still have the email for this one too. What my ex didn't realize is that I didn't and still don't want anything to do with her.

I moved on before I even met my wife. Let's fast forward a year. My wife got pregnant again, this time she told my ex that she better keep her mouth shut about this pregnancy. There were still problems, where my ex would tell my daughter that I wouldn't love her or want to be around her once the new baby comes. Who tells that to a small child? What really made my ex mad was when she found out that my wife and I were having my first son.

That is when she once again took me to court to raise the child support and try and get me arrested. I went to court about 6 or 7 times in 2 years, all for the same reason. Well, it is 2011 now, and my son is two and my daughter knows that I love her very much. I get my daughter every other weekend and she loves her little brother so much. Things are still crap with my ex. She calls me every week to harass me about sending in my child support.

My wife sends it out as soon as we get our checks each week. I know that the calls will probably never stop, but hopefully soon she will be warned once again, but this time by the Judge. My wife has helped me get a motion together to modify a few things. Let's see how it goes.

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by: Anonymous

And I thought my daughter's mother, who left me when she was born and generally prevents me from seeing her even though I pay child support, was crazy. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. You seem like a decent man. The pain of being separated from your child is indescribable.

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