Father doesn't want to pay

by Ileen

I have 2 teenage daughters and when my x and I divorced we agreed to an amount of child support that wasn't within state guidelines the conditions to that were that he would help w/ school expenses and medical bills. Well, he was good about the first couple of months; then when something came up that we needed help on he would tell me that he paid child support so he didn't have to help. When it came time for both girls to get braces I stopped asking for help w/ the school expense b/c I figured I wouldn't get any help anyway and I never mentioned helping him w/ the braces.. I was getting less than half of the state recommended child support anyway. Well one of our daughters moved in w/ her dad and he calls me and tells me that now I need to pay him half of the child support. I told him I would but we needed to see a lawyer and see what the state says my portion would be since I still had one child living at home with me. Well to make a long story short.. it backfired on him and he found out that the child support for one was more than he WAS paying.. He thinks its all a hoax and that I’m taking him for a ride. He says that since he paid for braces that he shouldn't have to pay anything to me. My guess is that he just doesn't want to support his children. I don't make a lot of money and my x makes twice what I make.. I just want what's entitled to my daughter.. I use her child support to pay for her school expenses and such and anything extra goes into a savings for college because I feel like he won't help w/ that either.

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