Father getting away with murder!!

by Diana
(New Jersey)

My son is now 30 but for most of his life his father that knew from age 14 gave hardly anything for his son. We married at age 21 and we divorced after 6 years of marriage which he was a dead beat husband and then a dead beat father. I worked and he stayed away from work whenever he could. When our son was born he got worse about working. I worked a federal job and had a good salary. The court ordered him to find a job and he did but because it was low paying he gave me $40 a pay and that continued that way until I heard he got a better job. I went back to court and the judge said that I made better money than him and it was staying that way. So for 18 years I received $40.every two weeks. When our son turned 18 he dropped the child support and got a job paying well because he put himself through college and became a mental health therapist. My son got screwed for most of his life because of this dead beat father. Now this dead beat is sitting pretty and my son is still struggling mentally and emotionally and financially and so am I because I had to dig into my retirement to support my son. I feel that this was a bad judgment call by the court in Philadelphia, Pa. That judge should of taken in consideration that bills go up and children grow up and a single mom can not support a child on $80.00 a month. Some guys pay too much and others get away with murder.

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I get it.
by: Anonymous

Men, like your ex-husband, seem to get away with this injustice on a daily basis. They lack a level of understanding of how much it costs to provide and support a child. It is not surprising that your finances are destroyed and the non-custodians are secure. Isn't this this way it always goes? Mothers sacrifice financailly for the welfare of their children, while the absentee father gives the minimum or nothing at all. I understand the pain your son suffers from the long-term financial abandonment by the hands of his father. My son also suffers in the same manner. Lack of financial committment by the non-custodian is in essence, emotional and physical abandonment. Just hope your son remembers how it felt when you both struggled and hope he will not repeat the same pattern of behaviors with his own children. Financial abandonment takes it toll on the child and the parent with physical custody. It is a form of mental and emotional abuse when the non-custodial holds the purse strings to economic stability. Punish the mother. You punish the child. I hope I never need therapy from a professional like your ex-husband. How objective can he be?

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