Father of 3 pays Nothing for 2 yrs now & gets away with it!

by Amy
(Spring Hill Fl)

I am a single mother of 3 wonderful children. I live with my mother who is on disability and unfortunately she and I have carried the emotional and financial burden alone for 2 years now because the so called father, chooses to have no contact with them. He sends no money for support. He sends no letters, cards gifts or presents. There is a court order for him to pay child support, but because he has no drivers license and works jobs that pay cash only, he is free to live his life without any thought or care about how his 3 children are doing. He does not care if they have new clothes for school or need a new pair of shoes. His oldest son was in the hospital with pneumonia and never received a call from him to see how he was doing. I am sick to death that this person is not being held accountable for his financial obligation to help support his 3 children. I am sick to death of the state being too lenient and not finding other ways to enforce the parent to pay or go straight to jail! Like thousands of other single parents, I am currently unemployed and I am sick and tired of my mother having to take care of me and my 3 children financially for everything we need because the father of my children chooses not to pay child support. I wish someone would help me to find a way to make him pay!

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Mother pays nothing for 5 years and is now suddenly concerned in an attempt to collect child support.
by: Kathleen

I am living with a 57 year old man who got custody of his daughter in 2005 and the mother was ordered to pay the minimum amount of support monthly and to carry medical insurance and to pay 100% of any unreimbused medical expenses.She signed off the custody and left the state with no thoughts of leaving her daughter behind. The man(Father) has always supported his children as he has three grown children from a previous marriage as well as supporting and raising the youngest who is now 15. The mother never payed anything toward supporting her child and if the father had not insisted his daughter stay in touch with her own mother, they would have no relationship whatsoever. Now a year ago when the child was about to enter highschool, she asked her father if she could spend a year with her mom (in another state) in order to get to know her better. Being the loving father he is, he agreed and now his exwife is trying to get custody away from him alleging sexual molestation and other abuses in order to keep the child away from her father and to collect child support. He is so distraught from these allegations and the emotional anguish he can saw in his daughter's eys and posture when he finally saw her for the first time since March 2011 when she came to get her braces removed and spent the weekend with him (us). The mother has other daughters from previous relationships she collected child support for and both her other daughters ran from her at age 16 because of the emotional battery she used against them. Now it seems she is attempting to brain was and emotionally batter this child who will turn 16 in a few months in order to leave her no option of any place to go as her other daughter did at the same age. I am trying to be beside him through all this but the emotions he has are so deep and he is so distraught, he pushes everyone away. His ex play the poor frail, helpless, concerned parent now when she was never there for her child and now she feels she is entitlted to destroy her daughter's relationship with the only parent who has ever been there for her.
I feel for your situation as I too am attempting to get back child support for my now 21 year old son whose father is a deadbeat and living with a woman who collects her dead husband's Social security and is disabled so he doesn't have to work. This way he avoids being accountable for what he still owes.
Single parents of the world must some how get together to get the states to really go after these deadbeat poor excuses for parents!

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