Father of two paying child support.

by Marshall
(conway, arkansas USA)

Im a father of two beautiful kids, Nicholas (12) and Mackenzie (10). To start with, just before my divorce i had a real bad accident where a lady ran a stop sign at a crossing. I struck her car broadside and it fliped my bronco upside down in a ditch. bla,bla bla...anyway, I recieved 200,000 dollars from insurance and lawsuit. 6 months later i got a divorce. I just signed the paperwork brought to me without reading it first. Big mistake! she got everything, including the house, money and our kids. house was sold, money was deposited into her dads account, He bought her the new house with his credit and is making the payments with my money that is in his bank account! now i have been paying my child support as i should of $ 110.00 a week. I done it without a missed payment for all four years we have been divorced. she wont let me see the kids.

I have got to accually spend time with them 4 times a year, never more than 2 to 3 hours max, even though the decree says different. so, since i was losing my kids from them not knowing me, I quit my job that was the next state over, and moved within a half hour away from them to restablish my relationship as a dad to them. It took me 3 months to find a job, which is 3 dollars an hour less than i was making before. Still she took me back to court to raise my child support. Even though I was unemployeed, The courts didnt care one bit! My child support was raised "IN COURT BEFORE A JUDGE!!" to $159.00 a week! and me sitting there without a job at all! the judge just told me I better get on the ball! like i said, it took 3 months to find a job making less money, and get an apartment of my own. Now im established and ready to start paying again.

but, today i was served papers stating I have to appear in court in 20 days to pay arrears, its over $2500 dollars. If i dont pay, it states ill lose my drivers license and be arrested! WTF!! if I lose my driving ability i cant get to work! if I get arreasted, I lose my job! its a no win situation in my eyes? I want to pay my child support, I always have. I just had a glitch in the system trying to get myself in the position to start paying again. Im not a deadbeat dad. I just wanted to get closer to my kids and all this is happening to me! What exactly is going to happen to me when i show up in court? im going to the child support office tomarrow and get a court appointed attourney from them to represent me. I just feel like im walking into a trap! (so to speak). anyone with a similar situation, please fill me in what to expect from arkansas child support court hearing? the divorce was in Arkansas also. Many thanks for listening to me.

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I have a few questions?
by: Laurie

I read your letter and I was appaled by what I read.

I am wondering of you would be able to email me so I may help you out? I don't want people reading what we discuss concerning this case. If you would like to my email is Lelah35@gmail.com and my name is laurie.

Plus, did you know that your P.I. settlement was NOT counted as marital assests in any way. Even if you didnt read the paperwork their might be a way to get that back out of the divorce procedings if you want?

Email me and lets have a chat so you can fight and fix this miscarriage of justice. I don't want any money or anything but this to be settled for you. This is not right, so lets correct it. :)


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