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Jun 11, 2009
P.I. Advice
by: G. Young

Steven, I'm a former Private Investigator and the wife of a paternity fraud victim...

First, get a mail-ordered DNA test (cheap around $65 for non-admissable to court type if you just want personal confirmation or heafty around $275 if you want the kind that you can use in court) then make nice with mom long enough to get a visit with the child. Swab the cheek and wait for your written evidence if you're concerned about the mom finding out what you're up to by going to a clinic directly.

Second, DOCUMENT EVERYTING. RECORD any comments about the child not being yours. Get her mad over the phone (to avoid physical escalation), put the phone on speaker (if you don't have a built in digital) and use a recorder. It's not illegal to record your own conversatons within your own house and the tape is admissable in court.

Third, do "well baby" checks OFTEN through the police. This legally documents serveral things at once. Her condidtion upon their approach (druged out or whatever), who's present in the home at the time of the visit, the child's physical condition, the living conditions and your concern for the childs welfare (as if it's yours) while in the hands of this woman. The results are usually available to the person that requested the visit if not the public in general. Get enough problem visits logged and eventually you'll be the one contacted by them to see if they could perhaps turn custody over to you, the father. That's when you tell them you doubt the child is yours and you need testing done to determine paternity prior to you agreeing to custody.

Lastly, hire an investigator before hiring an attorney. Find out who else knew what she did and have their full name and current contact info available for summons when you're ready to take the mom to court. Try to find the most religous based person close to the mom as they have the tendency not to lie on the stand. You gather as much info as possible before hiring the attorney because attorneys will hire investigators to obtain background on cases and charge you double the fee. Not only is she getting support from you but may be getting money under the table from "the real dad" and then there's welfare fraud to consider. If they lie to one state agency for cash, they'll lie to several. You may find proof of this in her trash. By-the-way, "dumpster diving" is legal as long as her trash is already curbside for pickup. Have the investigator find out who's communicating with her and why this way.

We've been there - Good Luck - and please read my posting TWINS. I'm experimenting in volumn posts concerning paternity fraud as gathering massive victims could lead to a CLASS ACTION suit that could get the laws changed in this country. Leave some contact info if you're interested. Thnx

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