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I’m not the father
I went through a bad period in my life with drugs alcohol I lived with a girl and during that time she got pregnant. Because we were tighter I had no reason not to believe it was my child. We separated after some time and I learned that she had been unfaithful to me and that the baby might not be mine. She started getting welfare for the baby. Now my life has taken a turn for the better I don’t drink or do drugs anymore its been 3 years now and I am totally clean and very proud of myself. But I do have a problem the welfare has been coming after me for child support. I begged her to take a paternity test my mother even paid for it but she wouldn’t. Its been 2 years now and I went to court but the judge said case closed. I have been told that it cannot be overturned. They are going to take my license away if I don’t pay the 700.00. I am at my whit’s end what in the world can I do. He’s not my kid but there is nothing I can do about it. -Story by Steven

My baby mom of 2 children just left me in Columbus OH ,and took our kids back to Boston MA. They have a stable home here but yet and still she went to live with her sister who has only a 3bdrm apt with 2 kids of her own. Her name remains on this lease of a 4bdrm.Her excuse, she doesn’t like Columbus, so we made an agreement that I wouldn’t have to send any support until I got out of this 4bdrm lease. Now she complains about needing moneys cause i want to claim 1 of my children for taxes and threaten if I did she would go to court for child support. I have no problem paying out of pocket, but I know sooner or later just out of spite she will go to court anyway! My thing is will Boston MA, force me to pay based on there state law or Columbus OH state law? Also does having custody of my son from a previous relations have any effect on the amount of child support I will have to pay? -Story by Lee

A Father Scorned
I was married to a no good woman for 8 yrs and had one daughter. My then wife cheated on me so I left her and moved on with my life. I maintained my relationship with my daughter and paid child support through the Support Enforcement Agency. The Mother has tried to interfere with my visitations frequently, and now that I have lost my job is trying to fight my attempt to lower my payments. I don't understand why she is so unhappy, she is the one who cheated, not me! -Story by Jim Fraley

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