Fathers who get screwed due to child support

by Pissed off Father
(Your office, USA)

I understand that it is our obligations and responsibilities as fathers to take care of our kids. The court system doesn't seem to understand that these mothers will go to court and be rewarded all this money when they work, have a change in income, and the father is busting his ass to make sure his kids are taken care of and support his own living.

The mother is living like the damn Kardashians and most of the child support money is not being used for the children sake. I'm tired of this screwed up system that no one seems to get and understand how these mothers are laughing and all smiles when they walk out the courtroom because they know they about to go get their nails and hair done and go to the local club every weekend. How about ya'll start monitoring these mothers and see what's really going on.

Child support is so fucked up and then ya'll look at us fathers like we're the bad guy and keep us in the system. I can't even see my kids and that's all I would want is time spent with them because no matter what no one think or say, me and the mother went half on a baby so why can't everything be 50/50? Just because things don't work and the mother is upset about something not pertaining to kids but to get back at the dad, she goes to court, make up lies, and you grant her whatever she wants. Some women don't even work because child support is paying for everything. They don't even look for work because they living lavish off of child support.

Lets look at what kind of clothes the mother has on and then look at our kids and what they got on. Let's look at the stuff the mother buys not for the kids but for her own personal satisfaction. Then ya'll wonder why so many men are angry, because time with our kids is more important that fucking money and you can't buy love and time. Look at the bigger picture. I'm not saying all fathers are doing their job but look at the ones who want quality time with their kids and the mother who just wants more and more money. I'm trying to get out of the rears because my ex went and lied about me being in the military when she knew I wasn't.

Said she served me papers when she knew she didn't and I missed the court date and got papers in the mail saying I had to pay this ridiculous amount for child support. Why would a parent miss a court date pertaining to their kids if they really loved their kids and would try and fight to spend time with them? The court system will never understand what went on before child support was put in motion, and the system will always take the side of the mother no matter what. Another thing, how about ya'll start pulling records on some of these mothers because I'm probably sure you will find some who have criminal backgrounds, and see how many say they are victims due to domestic violence.

Look at the bigger picture which is two people had intercourse to produce a baby. Custody should be 50/50, and any money put towards the kids should be 50/50 unless one parent is unfit due to other reasons. That's the big picture and you all need to change up the system and make it fair instead of one sided in favor of the mother.

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