Fix the broken system

by Greg
(Rhode Island)

I am the father of 2 wonderful children. About a year ago, my ex met a man online. After I found this out by my oldest daughter asking me "Who is Mommy talking to on the phone at night while your sleeping?" I confronted her. Next thing I know, I'm being visited by child services for allegations of abusing my kids. After the allegations were proved to be unfounded, everything seemed to be back to normal. Then in May of last year, I come home from work to find my now ex with 2 women from some so called healthcare agency, That I asked to assist with my oldest daughters "listening problems". She then leaves with these women, and the next thing I know, I get a phone call from the police saying my ex is there and an officer will be by with her to pick up her belongings.

I went through Hell to even see my children. She accused me of hitting her, as well as my children. Now mind you, there are no police reports, medical reports or anything of that nature. I have been falsely accused. The courts have taken her word for it. I was ordered to attend anger management classes at my cost. I had to endure supervised visits with my children. I only got to see them for 1 hour per week. After my first visit, the supervisor said that he felt I didn't do what I was being accused of, because my kids were very excited to see me, and that if I did in fact do what I was being accused of, they would be hesitant to be near me.

Now I get them every other weekend, and the visits are always great! But now it's the support order that's killing me. I don't understand how the state expects me to maintain a place for me to live, while giving half of my paycheck every week to my ex. I had a support order before with her, and she sat home for 6 years using it as her income. "Now why am I paying for her to be a stay at home mom?" I thought.

She works now, but it's nothing great. I know that I am responsible for keeping food in my kids belly's, but at what cost? I can't afford my bills now. This whole system is so flawed. No one cares about the ones who try. And that is a FACT! I'm probably paying for some real "dead beat dad's" kids. So basically, I have to work ridiculous amounts of hours to keep myself a float, while she gets to just take a low paying retail job, and that's just fine.

Meanwhile, my kids tell me that mom just feeds them McDonalds and other fast food because she is to busy to take time and cook for my kids. She wanted to see if the grass was greener, but my kids have to suffer? Why is this considered fair?

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