by Linda

My daughter's biological father abandoned me and effectively, his child before her first Birthday in January of 1985(we were married). He moved to Georgia, where he spent his court ordered child support money to move from county to county, each and every time he was found and served. By moving from county to county it forces the Child Support Agency to start the necessary paperwork from the beginning. This can take months to years depending on what State the NCP lives in and which county he moved to.He also, always used a P.O. Box as his address, making it more difficult for him to be found and served.

Having the goal of NOT PAYING ANY CHILD SUPPORT and MAKING MONEY (as he came from a financially successful family), he began to put together his very ahead of the times, computer business.
Somehow he was physically 'caught' in the State of Georgia, they ordered him to serve 6 weeks in jail. I didn't get a penny of the child support he was made to pay, in order for his release. The mother of his older daughter, which he denied was his, got her child support during the Georgia Jail episode.

So, the minute he was released from jail, he packed up his belongings and moved to his hometown state, where he had some great connections, since he was a police officer there in the 70's.

Naturally during this time, I WAS THE ONE who had to track him down, find where he moved to and REPORT this information to the State of Minnesota. All while being a single parent of 3 children. Going to College and working several part-time jobs.

When he moved to Maine, he had an online business that could set up websites for any company as well as Police Departments, County Foster Care, etc. This was in the early to mid 90's! He was definitely ahead of his time and even had a webcam running on his site. He clearly, listed his name, address, several phone #'s and several email accounts to access him. When I contacted the State of Maine to start collecting my money, they said they couldn't locate him! So, I printed copies of his website business, did a MapQuest and gave them driving directions from the child collection site to his front door.

That's when they 'started' the process, from the beginning and eventually, I believe it was a year or more, they got him into court. He's a very charming liar. So, he lied to the Judge. The Judge bought it and my ex was able limit the amount of $ he said he had. Because, when you run your own business, you can make it look like you're broke. After one or two payments and believing he had successfully conned the Judge, he stopped making payments. After many months, the Judge finally saw who this guy really was, and Ordered him to pay me $100.00 per week, every week and if he was 'late' making a payment he was to go directly to Jail. The State of Minnesota required that I send a certified letter to him, outlining the medical and dental expenses he was required, by law to pay.

It was only by the Grace of God and that letter that I found out where and when he moved to yet another state. He had moved almost immediately from Maine after the Civil Imprisonment Order was served. He had moved to Wisconsin in the fall of 2000. Of course I had updated the State of Minnesota about all of this information. Additionally, around 1997, I requested that the State of Minnesota turn my case over to the Federal Program for collection, possible imprisonment and fines. He fit all of the requirements for entry into the Federal Collection Program.

Needless to say, I got the run around constantly and consistently from Minnesota to the point that I enlisted my State Senator, Paul Wellstone to assist me in convincing Minnesota to turn the case over to the Feds. Even he got nowhere. I kept track of the NCP while he continued to work in the Computer Industry. He actually worked in Minnesota, for a bank and was so good and advanced at what he did, that people from South America came to this bank and the NCP to be trained in his system!

There was actually a picture in the paper with an article describing the above. The NCP had his back to the camera! Still, the State of Minnesota was unable to find, collect, or do anything to obtain my Legal right to my child support. Nor did they complete the paperwork to turn over to the Federal Program. By now my daughter had graduated from high school and was 18. So, the priority, if there ever was one, dropped considerably, especially where Minnesota was concerned. However, I continued to follow his whereabouts, and to hound Minnesota. Around 2007, I found a site where he had self reported his income at $250,000.00+ per year. Which was separate from his wife's income. (I have documentation to support all of the above.)

Still, Minnesota did nothing. In 2009 I had an opportunity to move to Georgia. (ironic) And in doing so, my Minnesota case worker told me that if they forgave the $10,000 he owed them, and I requested that the State of Wisconsin take jurisdiction, I would be better served. She was absolutely correct! In the first 6 months he did the usual, show up for court, plead poverty, charm the judge and make one payment. Then of course no more payments. Within 6 months, Wisconsin served him Contempt papers and when he showed up for court, expecting to charm his way out of it, they took him directly to jail!!! His wife has life long roots, family and a career in Minnesota. She is not about to pick up and move with this guy! So, if he wants to stay married he has to deal with the Great State of Wisconsin and she wasn't too happy when he suddenly went to jail cause she left him in there for 3 weeks! There are several problems though. At the very first hearing in Wisconsin, of which I was not aware.

The Judge used the original Divorce Decree from 1987 to determine monthly payments! $187.50 per month on $40,000.00 in arrears! At one hearing that I was allowed to be present by phone, the Judge amended the $187.00 to $300.00. I was extremely underwhelmed. Because the law does is not real concerned once the child reaches the age of majority. So, this guy who is 62, wants to and it looks like he may, pay me as little as possible until he dies!

I do not believe that I should be penalized by the law, because this guy was successful at not paying his court ordered child support when I needed it most, and when my daughter was under the age of 18! Why does he get to make $300 per month payments on a now $45,000+ debt? Wouldn't that be nice for the rest of us? I live in Georgia, he lives in Wisconsin.

He lies to everyone, he's lied to the Child Support Worker, the County Attorney and to 2 different Judges, one, while under oath! He did state that the year 'before' he was in court he was making $50 per hour. Which means he was actually making at least twice that amount. And when he 'was' making that kind of money, why was there absolutely NO payments on his child support debt? Here's the bottom line, I can file a motion with the court asking for an increase in monthly payments, and I believe I can make a case for what he earns using the Department of Labor and Industry Guidelines. But it would be me, on the phone with the Judge. I have been told that I do not have to notify the NCP of this motion.

I think to have a successful outcome, I would need to hire a 'good', 'honest' and reasonably priced attorney that practices in Wisconsin. I want the court to order him to pay me $1000.00 per month based upon the fact that several times last year he made $900.00 payments. Actually paying his child support in advance! (cause the 1% interest is really adding up fast! I earn $450.00 per month in interest and he isn't even paying that amount! As I said, he's 62, he'll be 63 in 6 months. I want my legal court ordered money! And I want all of it before he dies! Again, I should not be penalized (for collecting after the age of majority) because he was a very successful con man!

Can someone help me? I've been working this case since 1986 when the first child support order came out. That's 27 years. I am tired. I am determined. I want what's legally mine! I really need some honest legal help with this or I will not get my money. Oh and just recently, for the 6th time, he is again in Contempt of Court. He also never saw, called, wrote or sent gifts for my daughter. Actually, that turned out to be the best gift ever!

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