Forced to pay Arkansas Child Support though I'm not the father

by Harry Stanley
(Andover KS)

My ex-wife of many years ago had a daughter I knew nothing about until she was about 2 yrs old. I paid the child support for my daughter, who is now almost 19, moved out of her mother's home, out of state, and is married. A couple years after my daughter was born, this woman got pregnant again. Obviously, she has no idea who the father is, and so, in her convenience, she put my name on the birth certificate, without my knowledge of any of this, then went to child support and named me as the father.

Arkansas refuses to do a DNA test, they state that any woman can name any man the father, and now they want me to pay for a medical insurance policy on the boy even though I am not only not his father, but unemployed = not by choice I might add on the unemployed part. Arkansas child support laws are in human. Does this child not have the right to know his REAL father? Should she be allowed to simply name anyone as the father because she isn't sure WHO the father was. (I was two states away = I assure you it was not me!) And yet, she can lie to the courts, get away with it, and they do nothing to her, but continue to come after me! I love my daughter, and in her lifetime have seen her one time. In that time I found out that her mother never told her I had been paying the child support all those years, my daughter has a very low opinion of her mother, and has told the family that I am not the father, but bragged that she can get support from me!

They (State of Arkansas) tell me to hire an attorney. I am in Kansas taking care of my mother who is ill, and do not have the money to hire an attorney? What would you do? I'm fighting a losing battle! If you have any suggestions - please email me = - I need help! I never once refused to pay the child support for my daughter, but its not right I should pay for a child that I've never been a father to, or am I by blood the father of this child. He doesn't even look like me. My daughter on the other hand, there is no doubt she is my daughter. So please, I'll take any help I can get!


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DNA needed
by: Anonymous

well, pay to have a DNA yourself this child and yourself has the right to know whom it`s biologic parents are.

same mess in illnois
by: K Porter

Back in 2008 The mother of this child claimed I was the father of her child,I was wrongfully served by a illinois sheriff of cook county.He gave the papers to my real son and at the age he was 14.I never got the papers to come to court and now they establish paterenity without a DNA test.well me and the mother of that child had a private test done and the child is not mine.please help! email me at

Me too
by: Jon

My wife was cheating on me so I left her. Moved 800 miles back home, to TN. Had to go back and get my daughters 2 weeks later because she abandoned them at the mother in-laws. 13 months after the last time I saw my wife she had a kid. I have spent $38k and three years trying to get divorced but, because we are still technically married I have been ordered as of 7/22/2010 to pay for her illegitimate child's welfare health care. The state pursued me in spite of the fact that the father lives with my wife, claims to be the father, and was almost arrested for an outburst at the welfare office (over this issue). This makes married woman a target for men who want sex without the fear of paying child support.

I have the same issue in Arkansas
by: Jeff

Hi Stanley,

I am also paying child support for a child that is not mine in Arkansas. I have been duped by a lady that has committed perjury and fraud in court and for this she gets rewarded for it. I have done a lot of legal work and am still working on a resolution to this outrageous and damaging act this lady has done.



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