Frustrated in Arkansas

I have had nothing but bad experiences with both my daughters mother, and OCSE. First, She doesnt want me to be a part of my daughters life at all. She lets this be known that to her all I am is a donor, untill it comes to something she wants. I got told when my daughter was 3 months old that if I wanted to see my daughter I had to give her money every week. To which I replied, ok. Get it in writing and I will do it.

She never got back to me and I ended up having to take HER to court to get visitation and child support set up. Not that it mattered much, I was struggling before that and ended up loseing my house in the ordeal, as well as my job because I had to move an hour away to live with my family.
And over the years any time something came up and I lost a job or what not, she would throw a fit, claim i was a bad dad, and not supporting my child, even though i never missed a payment untill a few months ago when a client i was doing work for failed to pay me for 2 weeks work. Then she went off. Filed for wage garnishment(didnt do any good i didnt have a job anymore, which i tried to explain to her.)

So I went to the OCSE to try and explain the situation, the same orgnization who loses as least one of my payments every year and i have to go in with check stubs to prove i paid. They told me that she had in fact NOT filed for it(however i know she had) and to pay what i could when i could.

So now we are coming to my first paycheck at my new job. I got a letter today that wage garnishment will be starting soon. nice...

so I am so frustrated at this point because it got so bad about 2 months ago that i finally told my daughters mother that if she wanted me gone to send me the paperwork and i would sign it. so she did, no arguement from her.

tired of dealing with her, with OCSE, with the system, there needs to be a better one.

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Feb 07, 2011
Frustrated in Arkansas
by: Anonymous

Your situation sounds alot like my husbands.His baby momma and is the same way never missed a payment in eleven years.And my husband pays eight hundred a month in child support and his son receives an SSI check,everytime he goes to pick up the kids they're dirty no clean clothes packed and she knows when he's coming to pick them up they need shoes,clothes and i mean the basics things they should already have. And when they come over to our house they make sure they look at everything so they can go back and tell their momma what we have i'm very clean there house is nasty she don't clean up and the kids have no home training and yes they're teenagers we were suppose to buy our new home last year and he told his kids and next thing you know she's calling come and get your kids they're out of control and reason why that is,is because she sits up plays with them like a kid herself calling my phone and hanging up or my husbands phone and she got the number from theire son he got from his dads cell phone an he gave it to her. So he got the kids and came and they lived with us for one year and it was hell they were sneaking out at night very disrespectfull skipping school stealing got arrested and the whole time they lived with us he was paying her child support.Child Support told him he would have to take her to court to stop it even though they are living with us and did so a whole year money was so tight he got a second job and got a Lawyer the baby momma got so mad she told the kids the if their dad stop the child support she wont be able to pay her bills so they going really acted up and got mad at their daddy,after all the things they told their daddy about her abusing them he called DHS they came out talked to the kids in privite three weeks later he got a letter in the mail saying the case was closed i told him to send them back home the whole plan was for them to break our marriage up they call their momma and tell her everything we buy in the house even when my husbands buys me a gift for our anniversary thats a problem and they make it a point to allways bring up their momma up around me my momma got a good job daddy (she doesn't work) finally my husband started seeing things in a different light when some of his friends told him that his kids said he don't buy then anything and mind you he's paying the mother child support but they say its for her bills and my husband said thats not for her bills its for you and your sister he finaly sent them back and what a relief and she's still trying to keep up (mess) mad because he sent them back and he's paying fines for them stealing.(one child receives SSI and now other one is being checked and i'm sure she will get it.) My husband and i are going to court to get the Child Support money back he paid her while they were living with us..Keep Your Head Up and I'll Keep mine up just waiting on 2014 No more Child Support so i hope. God Bless!

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