Frustrated in Canada

by Terri

I have been raising my son in Canada for 14 years. I have been trying to arrange some form of child support from his dad in California, but to no avail.

He flies up here to Canada once or twice a year with his granddaughter to visit his son, but no funds have ever been given to help support him.

I've finally reach the end of my rope. His son has been in karate for 6 years now at $1200.00 a year, I feed,cloth and take care of him. I just wouldn't have believed his dad would be a dead beat dad, but he IS.

So it's time to take some action. My son is going to high school and needs new clothes.

His dad has a 10 yr old daughter that he cares for so it's a real slap in the face to both of us to be ignored emotionally and financially.

What's worse is he has a son in the NFL who is making millions. That has nothing to do with us, but you would think they'd at least call regularly or have sent him $20 with a card for his 13th or ANY birthday.

So my patience has run out and I will now do what I have to receive the funds he is entitled to.

I wish all you luck in this journey.

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