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i have been paying child support for many years. I had a child when i was a young soldier and have been paying support for 19 years on him. I later married and later divorced. i was always compliant with the order,a few years later I remarried . The lady i married was a caseworker with child protective services. I was paying support for two children on two separate orders. Well after my then wife was caught in an adultress relationship, and after the lies deciet and constant lies we separated. Because she knew texas custody and support laws, she had me arrested with the accusation of domestic violence (which in Texas almost assures custody, plus spousal support. Which she wouln't have qualified for since we were married less than 10 years and i didn't make a significantly more amount than she did. We had 1 child and reconcilled, a few months after reconciling we became pregnant with our second child. Soon after history repeated itself. Divorce proceedings began at the time I was bringing about 2000. a month home befor my child support deductions, and about 1500. afterwards. She was awarded 250. a month for spousal support, and 450. for child support. Texas oeg began taking 50% of my pay for support and i was left with 800. a month and my problems began I went to court every 6 months. She at that time worked with the local judges and cs caseworkers. I began getting served and literraly harrased until the hospital where i was a caseworker determined it best for the image of the hospital to let me go. I got another job making much less and i attempted to modify for reduction. All parties involved signed but strangely noone seems to know what happened to the order. I told the ag caseworker i couldnt afford to pay all of this support and she said i suggest you by a lawnmower and start cutting some yards. Eventually I moved to another city where i started working in juvenile probation. The pay was a little better and as expected i got served for an increase, and it was awarded.

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Lubbock TX judges are partial to wealthy daddy over responsible young adult and good mom
by: Anonymous

This is in response to the last responder - the person who is fighting for Father's Rights. I ask you, what about the rights of YOUNG ADULTS? These are the ones who are not protected and ignored in the State of Texas!

It's not just men being abused by the system. Good MOTHERS and responsible YOUNG ADULTS are also suffering from the outdated laws of Texas. In my case, it's a wealthy father that MOVED from New Mexico to Texas specifically because the laws of TX would be more favorable than New Mexico (or Massachusetts the state where the initial orders were in place).
The wealth dad (my ex who I had never married)was
awarded physical custody of my son who filed a "preference of child" hoping to be released from the throngs of his emotionally abusive and controlling father.
It took far too long for his case to be heard (filed at age 15 and heard in court at age 17) and, in my opinion, my son WAS NEVER HEARD. He was not appointed a guardian ad litem or a representative of the courts. He did spend about an hour in the judges chambers (against my better judgement) to listen to the judge tell him his life story -- how he had strict parents, ran away from home, drank alcohol, got into trouble, blah, blah, blah -- how he probably would never have succeeded in life had it not been for the firm hand of a strick father.
Why the judge compared himself to my son I will never know. My son doesn't get in trouble. Any adult that has spent more than 2-min. with him will tell you he is articulate, engaging, up on current events and politics, has a social conscience, is respectful to adults and authority, is a hard-worker, loyal friend, with family values. He plans to finish high school and attend UNM (Univ of New Mexico) to study journalism or entertainment law. He is a good student and a responsible YOUNG ADULT.
Why, why, why was my son not permitted to speak for himself in front of the court? Why was there not a third party in judges chambers?
This judge, Judge Medina, was NOT impartial. It seemed he ruled in favor of the wealthy daddy - disregarding the dedicated mother and responsible, articulate (emotionally abused) 17 year old.

Sorry we seem to never learn
by: pj

Well What can I say. Texas is a state where you have to be smarter. My advice is to get the best Lawyer you can. I would say get a woman Lawyer if possiable. They seem to be more aggressive. Then the case investigated. Find out whom is your TX state repersentative for your zip code. Write letters , email till they get tired of you. Demand new laws and to have both parents income concidered. That is what I do now. I am working to get the laws changed. Men in this country are being abused by the child support system all over the country. I can not do it alone. So you have to do your part and help. Also make sure you are a voter go independent that way you can use both sides to your advantage.
Now for your pertection. Do not have any checking accounts , Saving, 401K no assets such as motorcycles boats & etc. If you own a home put it in someone else name you can trust. Because they will take all of it. Except your home, but if in your name they will put a type of lein on it. Also dont have these items in your present wifes name either because Texas is a community state. I have been their and done that. Good luck

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