GA Child Support in The Peach State

GA Child Support

GA child support covers the laws and guidelines of child support. Wage garnishments, medical insurance, enforcement acts and visitation rights are only a few guidelines that will be covered.

Georgia Child Support Visitations Rights
With the agreement of the custodial parent, a non-custodial parent is allowed to visit their children at any time. If both parents are unable to reach any visitation agreements, the court will issue the standard schedule. Georgia child support visitations are every other weekend, one to two months in the summer, and alternating holidays.

Wage Garnishments
Most non-custodial parents have too many bills they have to pay. Rushing off to pay the rent/mortgage, electricity, phone, etc. can become a workout. To have child support payments in addition to those bills can be an inconvenience.

The Georgia state law allows the support payments to be garnished from a non-custodial parent’s paycheck. By allowing the wages to be garnished, the non-custodial parents will have record of all payments that have been made.

Georgia Child Support Medical Insurance
According to the media, a large number of Americans suffer without medical insurance. Medical insurance plays a major role in the U.S. by providing Americans with the benefits of medical treatment. It is very critical for parents to make sure their children are covered with such benefits. When parents separate, the GA child support law requires that one of the parents provide medical insurance for the children. If the non-custodial parent is able to purchase medical insurance at a affordable rate, then the court will order that parent to provide coverage for the children.

GA Child Support Enforcement Acts

There are some parents who refuse to pay child support. Fortunately, in the state of Georgia there are enforcement acts to persuade dead beat parents to pay.

Tax Refund Confiscation
If a non-custodial parent fails to make timely child support payments, their tax refund check will be confiscated.

Credit Bureau
Damaging credit has its effects when trying to purchase a new car or even a home. According to the child support laws, any parent who falls behind on payments more than seventy five hundred dollars, will be reported to the credit bureau.

Parents who refuse to pay child support could have their licenses suspended. Which license, any drivers, professional or occupational licenses all have the potential of being suspended.

Most Americans love to play the lottery, in dreams of one day becoming rich. Georgia child support will confiscate any lottery winnings over five thousand dollars from all non-custodial parents who refuses to pay child support.

Contempt of Court
Lights out! This is a phrase a non-custodial parent will here for the next six months. All non-custodial parents who do not make their timely child support payments will be in contempt of court. Any non-custodial parent who is in contempt of court will face jail time.

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