Getting Blood from Deadbeat Turnip

by Joni Comar Corbett
(:Lakewood, Jefferson county, CO, USA)

My sons Sean and Ryan are both grown men that were fully supported by the custordial parent, me!

My divorce orders were dated 1986 and they included child suport orders. My ex thought he could get away with ignoring all court orders, even after threat of imprisionment and revoking of required business licenses.

I took the high road and ignored the domestic violence that my Ex thrived in. I never kept ours sons from seeing their father or degraded him. I chose to encouraged and support my children at all costs. And to encourage and support them having a solid relationship with their father.

I believed it was ok to love and prosper with both parents. The fact that their father was a bad choice of a husband for me was irrelevant. I chose to only speak positively.

My Sons were provided a wide variety of
full life experiences while residing with me. Under my care they were provided with a solid, stable home life, excellent educations, and strong family values.

Opportunities of all types including travel, social and every type of athletic activities were abundant.

They were both fully insured at all times by me. I was the parent that obtained 100% all necessary medical and dental care, and let me tell you that I should have earned frequent flyer miles for all of their care bills!

In 2005 I begain enforcement of child support arrearage after becoming disabled. It was a Jefferson County requriement when appling for any type of Health and Human Services. At all times, my ex continued to refuse to honor his child support obligations.

After exhausting all assistance I hired a private attorney, went through all types of court time and mediations. My ex still flatly refused to honor any of his financial obligations under the child support orders. He claimed he "will never pay me a dime!"

Their Deadbeat Father was so proud of himself for getting out of his child support obligations.I was never going to get blood from a turnip! Or so he thought.

Deadbeat Dad was employed as a professional debt collector and thought he knew all the tricks to avoid his financial responsibility, but the surprize was on him.

Well, it has been over 2 years since I was awarded a Judgement for over $125,000. Yes, that was One Hunderd and Twenty Five Thousande Dollars.

A lien was placed against him personally in public records and on his credit report for the full amount. A lien was recorded against his current residence and will not be released until my Judgement for Child Support is paid in full.

The FINAL court orders called for retroactive interest since the original divorce filing in 1986. Under the FINAL orders I agreed to a Judgement for the full amount of child support arreage and interest payable to me through the Family Support Registry at $500 a month payments until satisfied in full. He will be required to pay for a long time.

As of today, the FSR has recorded over 2 years of consistant payments at $500 a month since that time.
Current law states if my ex defaults at any time, even by one day, to pay his scheduled monthly payments, his business license, wages, income tax refunds, lottery winnings,and home are all in jepordy. He still has a long to pay and to consider this actions.

The simple fact is that at all costs and at all times, the RIGHT THING TO DO is to PROVIDE SUPPORT YOUR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES. Just do it!

Failure to provide support of any kind for your children by any parent should be viewed as criminal neglect. No one should ever be neglected!

To those that are struggling with this devistating situation, RISE UP and DO THE RIGHT THING FOR YOUR CHILDREN.

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