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Aug 16, 2011
depressed Dad??
by: Anonymous

I understand when you say you changed your mind and I am sure your boyfriend is depressed but you have a few facts wrong. I believe maybe your boyfriend does too.
If a person is on welfare they are not getting child support in addition to that welfare, it doesn't work like that. And if the welfare amount is less than what she gets for child support maybe that's the reason she had to get welfare. Which is sad all by itself! I am a single mom and I'm sure my ex husband has the world believing I am the woman from hell but I know its not the case. My girls are well behaved, smart,kind and beautiful and that's because of me!
If your man isn't contributing to the kids well being as a whole then he is wrong and maybe he was treated like a criminal because people who don't pay for their kids ARE criminal!!! If women would stop taking in these deadbeat men maybe men would start trying harder! But no, they have a safe place to fall...with some low self esteem having woman!Who doesn't care that the jerk owes thousands! Do you think he would be with you if you owed child support? DOUBT IT!
My suggestion is that you do your research on her and him! It isn't always as it seems.

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