Girlfriend of Depressed Dad

by Rosa

To be honest I used to be one of those women who wouldn't care about a father paying support. I figured that if they are the problem and they leave, then they must handle their responsibility to their children. Wow. Let's just say I got a huge wake up call when I started dating a man who was dealing with the ex from H***.

This is a man who loves and adores his young son and provided him with a all that he needed. Once he found out she was unfaithful with many men and stealing from him, he ended the relationship. She threatened to put him on support if he didn't take her back and accept her extra activities. He refused and she harassed him at his job getting him fired from 3 different jobs. Yet he refused to press charges for all the things she did because he felt sorry for her.

He even imposed parenting classes through the court and fought for visitation as well. The domestic relation person treated him like he was a criminal. Forcing him to bring documentation minus his blood to determine how much he has to pay. They went by income he made 4 years ago while she didn't have to bring one shred of proof of anything. Matter of fact, he handed her a form to complete to stay at home and collect a check!! So now she's on welfare and the child support money cant be monitored to see if she is really using it for their son! He cant visit his son because she's living everywhere but the address she listed with the court. We had to move out of state to get away from her stalking and sending her friends to harass him at his job.

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