Good dad trying to fix mistakes

Well I last seen my son when he was 3 its been almost 8 years now and he's 11. The only thing I get with my son is phone conversations and I try seeking for good jobs. Most jobs won't take me because nowadays you need a license. I am an entry level electrician trying to fill in to a good company. I'm having a hard time because most companies want you to have a clean license. Well it so happens that my sons grandmother has her name on the paperwork which doesn't sound right because my sons mother has custody so I'm figuring his grandmother is using the child support money to pay for her expenses. Pardon my language but this is fucked up and penalties should be taken for that. The custodial parent should be one not 2.

Anyway I have gone to court to get modifications done for payment because I wasn't working. Trying to get my license which is considered for some good jobs, but of course the courts are a violating system for dads not moms. My son has been through enough drama and nothing was ever reported to me about his injuries. Whats a father to do when he doesn't have anything to give with that said how can I see my son if he's in another state from where I live and the only time I can have permission to see him is when he comes down for occasions or holidays I should have every right to see my boy.

If I can't give my little boy what he wants I usually tell him to give me time, but I refuse to stick up anybody or heist a bank. So if you don't have a job you still get billed because the state thinks you shit money out your ass. This is why things like 911 happen because of the work of our leaders of the state. Things happen for a reason and I believe the shit that goes on that shakes New Yorks frame is a good thing. The court states if you pay child support you get earned income credit but you don't have a right to claim thats another bullshit thing going on.

The other is if your paying child support the mother has no right to leave the state but of course the courts will say that but never stand up to their word. If public assistance is not involved child support should be canceled and a good term of agreement should be made. This state is all fucked up with this system its like being in jail and the correction officers watch you get fucked up for their thrill. Something will be done one day whether its blowing up the court building or the enforcement building but something has to give to give these fucks a message.

Then its soo much easier for a court to find the dad but when it comes down to look for the mother they always have a hard time isn't this an intriguing fact I guess this is another way to raise money for the state you will never get the facts you wanna hear so if you think your son/daughter mother will put you up for child support kill her/him before it happens.

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