Hardship placed upon Parent!

by Jewell Flaherty
(Spiro, Ok U.S.)

Receive $1,600. pay monthly. Have $350 House payment, $350 Utilities-Gas, Electric, Water, $208 Phone Bill-have to have 2 phones; $50 Internet-Child has a RARE DISEASE-XP, and the Medical professionals do NOT contact via phone; it fills in Info., for everyone involved in the Childs life, including CPS/DHHS! Then there's Auto Insurance and UpkeepA(new tires-$200; have to KEEP A SAFE RIDE?), Groceries-NO FOODSTAMPS, so spend $500. What's that add up to?

My mother, a Homemaker her entire life, a Young widow-NOT old enough to collect my Dads' Social Security, nor SSI, etc. I take care of Her and Her Home as well-her NEEDS. There's NO WANTS for either of us- CAN'T AFFORD it.(Propane, electric-Phone got shut off, couldn't afford)

Dhs Social Worker decides, I CAN PAY: $382.00 Child Support, for my daughter who is in their care. I have the younger child, BACK-still under their Custody. Called "Temporary Placement" as if i were a Fostercare home, with NO $ INVOLVED on my part-I DON'T COLLECT ANYTHING, period, No foodstamps(told I do NOT qualify), No help with Housing, or my needs(I do not qualify). Of course Dhs said, "We don't want to cause any UNDUE HARDSHIP ON YOU". Really?
The $1,600 is BEFORE TAXES!

I could AFFORD $100-150 monthly, not the Original $472.00 Dhs demanded, and got Court papers on. They think they've given me, A DEAL-$382.00. Well, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will LOSE MY HOUSE, I'M BUYING-1st time Homebuyer, moved from an R.V.-TRAVEL TRAILER, LIKE THE Louisiana KATRINA VICTIMS-26 FOOT space to live in, for "3 1/2" years! Could U DO THAT? Would U, to keep Your Family Together?

House Insurance, Property Taxes, Clothing, Hygiene, Laundry, the "list is ENDLESS".


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