Harsh times, Harsh problems

by K- dad out of luck
(Clearfield, UT)

The ex decided that when we split up that I could have nothing to do with the children. She got a protective order and no trespassing warrent on me so that I cannot go over to her house, and then tells me the only way to see them is to go to her house *foolishly I once made the mistake of going over there to visit, I left after 5 minutes in handcuffs, the kids watched it all*. She also got a court order stating that I have to go to her house in order to visit the children, until she feels that they are comfortable (and knowing her she will wait until the children are 18 to say such a thing). However I am still not allowed to see my sons. She will not call, and refuses to let me see my kids. It has been over 2 years since I have seen my kids, and have never met the one.

Meanwhile this whole fiasco is going on, she is collecting child support. I was unemployed last year due to a knee injury and surgery. Fatal attempts at finding a job since the surgery has left me in erras of around $8,000.00 The only way that we get by now is on state assistance and food stamps. We have 3 children living with us full time, and one of them is disabled. If child support keeps going the way they are (and no doubt they will) we will be homeless by the end of the year. And yet, they do not care. I would like the chance to be a part of my childrens lives. I also NEED the help to get this child support taken care of. I currently stay at home with my disabled son while my wife makes barely enough money to cover our bills. We are still left in debts at the end of each month. I have no way of paying my child support at the moment. I was enrolled in school to get my certification as a deisel mechanic, but child support has taken all of my licenses so I am no longer attending. If I finished school and got my certifications I could find a job that would help to cover the costs that are needed, however they will not let me do this. I am not able to get a drivers license to find a job, because they have taken that as well. They even took my fishing license. I am at a complete loss and do not know what to do.

Last year I made approximatley $5800.00 because I had left due to the surgery. Child support had put me in debt over $6000.00. I was under the impression that the law stated that child support could not take more than half of your income, however they put me in debt more than I had made. My family is suffering and I am at a loss. I feel as though I may be dragging them down with my debts. Please, I need any help that is available, and am open to any advice.

This is just one case, I have another child that is going through a similar story.

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