Has it gone too far?

My father in law was a dead beat dad for most of my husband's life. Just in the last three years have they been able to reconnect and have a civil relationship. My father in law still pays child support for my 28 year old husband as my mother in law was told it would be better than excusing the rest of the money- regardless of my husbands age and his marriage.

My father in law has been paying every month for the last several years, faithfully, even calling them up when he changed jobs so they could change the information in their system. After finally stepping up to the plate and doing what he should have been all along, yesterday his accounts were flagged so he can not use them and his licesnse has been suspended. He is a truck driver and of course needs his licencse to make a living.

Now my father in law is in danger of losing his job even though he has been making the payments which in turn threatens the people who now depend soley on him for their care. (his ill father and his mother)

I'm all for a system that makes dead beat parents step up but how sad is it that the system is flawed enough that it nails the ones who are trying to do right and lets go those who just don't care?

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