Help non-custodial parents to pay

by Elaine
(Las Vegas, NV)

I am a NCP that owes back child support thanks to a typo in my divorce decree. I am not only paying my regular support at this time, but I am also paying arrears which should not have accrued. My ex is now trying to force my current husband to pay for the children's health insurance because he can't hold down a job long enough to get health insurance. I am self-employed so I don't have insurance of my own. I am narrowly avoiding jail, and my ex and his wife are looking for ways to get me arrested anyway. I cannot see my children without being harassed by my ex and his wife, because I dared to accuse my ex of emotional abuse (which he is proving he does by not allowing me to see my kids). I believe that there are many things that need to change about the child support system, but especially the guilty until proven innocent issue.

As the child support enforcement system stands right now, the non-custodial parent is presumed guilty if they miss payments because employment is lost. There needs to be a way to help those parents that want to pay their child support consistantly while only "punishing" those who willfully refuse to pay. The child support system would be better for everyone from non-custodial parents, to custodial parents and even children if there was a way in place to assist the non-custodial parents who lost their jobs.

The kind of system that I would propose is one that offers job placement assistance and job training for non-custodial parents who are out of work, instead of going straight to punitive measures. If a NCP refuses to cooperate, that's when the punitive measures should come into play and not before. It may also help if companies are offered tax incentives to hire parents who owe child support.

A system like this would help the NCP's because those that wanted to would be able to pay it and not live in fear that seeing their children would result in their arrest. It would help the CP's because they would be able to count on the support arriving each month. It would help the children, because it would foster a better relationship between themselves and their NCP's.

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