by James
(Palmdale, CA)

My ex-wife wants more money, so I'm back in court yet again. She was finally successful in running off my new girlfriend. I have two children with my ex-wife and one child with my ex-girlfriend which I pay child support on. When I went to court on July 29, 2009, the child support attorney added all three children together on the disso master software to calculate an incorrect amount. I asked how they would include the income of both mothers.

How would they accurately calculate the healthcare, the tax information, and different visitation? They said it needs to be done this way to assure she gets a fair amount. With only my ex-wife present, they used one mothers income (ex-girlfriend in the amount of $3,200 a month), and all three children were added stating zero visits for one child which is not true. I make 19.44 an hour, and my ex wife makes 16.75 an hour. They ordered me to pay 1,645 month for all children.

I tried to get them to correct it and look at their typo, but they said it is an enforced, retroactive, temporary order to your ex-wife until they can get my ex-girlfriend to come down and sign. I used the California child support guideline support calculator (that is on their website), and the correct amount should be $379.00 to my ex-wife based on salary, visitation, and tax status, and $752.00 to my ex-girlfriend based on salary, visitation, and tax status. Unfortunately, I can't get this corrected until our next hearing on September 30, 2009.

Which at that time, my ex-girlfriend is ordered to appear. It should be a very interesting day with my ex-wife and my ex-girlfriend both present despite the restraining orders they have against each other.

The real question here is typo error, lack of training or intentional bias act from the child support attorney due to the sorrow they felt for my ex-wife? I know that the intentional bias seems far fetched, but you would have had to see for yourself to know what I mean.

I wish our system was accurate and fair! I do want to take care of all my children; I just want to know that it is correct and that we can all manage to live at the same time.

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I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I understand exactly what you are saying. I just posted a story about infraction I found that the state made. Use the internet,lawyer or whatever to get all the info you can get before you go back to court.I posted today 8/17/09. I went to court Friday and I was ready for them. unlike the first time. This time I knew how it should have been done. I had to correct the case on a mistake she was still trying to make. So do your homework know your rights and know exactly how they suppose to calculate everything they are human and can make mistakes. Plus, remember this, alot of courts got they way of doing things it's not always right but they do it anyway. another thing if your feel or know it's not right ask the Judge because if you just sign that you agree that is what they expect you to pay. When I go back 9/18/09 I have to talk to the judge. I have the only child that I was paying for and no longer on CS. This is about the arrears.It suppose to be a little more than 4k but, the order shows little more than 15k. I tried to settle this Friday. I offered to pay what it should have been. but, they are trying to be greedy and get the larger amount when she know it's the wrong amount. I told her and the case worker told her to. Also the case worker told her that 15k was court order she said the judge would have the last say. I'll let you know what happens if you are still here.

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