How can a Change be made?

by John

The Government, in an effort to insure the welfare of the rising generation, has imposed laws upon its people that are interfering with that very same welfare. It is deeply unfortunate that children are brought into this world by a man and a woman, and then through selfish acts become seperated, thus destroying the family unit, and now requiring intervention to support the growth of those children. It is also deeply unfortunate that the Government feels the need to do this, when it should be done by the family members of both father and mother. The motivation for the enforcement of child-support by the states are the funds offered from the Federal Governement, based on compliance to Federal laws. It was noted in an earlier comment that this is a multi-billion dollar funded act. So in a sense, we are collectively funding our own miserable situation. When a man and a woman find themselves as parents, certain personal actions ensue that require sacrifice and service, hard work, and commitment.

The Governement cannot replace that with the child-support system. When that has broken down between the parents, the responsibility to care for the welfare of the children cannot be solved with funds derived from the Government mandating funds go from one parent to the other. Maybe a way to do this would be to have any funds go from both parents mutually to a third party collector, and distributed for the children's benefits. Thus the burden is equally yoked.

If one cannot provide funds, then the children should receive funds from a collective source for their welfare. The current system is broken, abused, misused, and is the source of so much contention in today's modern family, that unless a drastic change is made, our entire family system is in danger. The children suffer from the mistakes of the parents, and too often are in the middle of the contention as a result of the fighting between the parents. The Government's current position on child-support enforcement is a major contributor to this strife and contention, and has even been proven to be the sole motivator to some that seek a free ride; for where there is money to be had, there is greed, and lies, and treachery.

I have seen lives ruined, other marriages destroyed by this child-support system. We live in a country where the government agency can impose liens on your bank account for back child-support, suspend a passport, put you in jail, impede your ability to start your own business, and in fact ruin your credit and your life, effectively shutting you down from prospering, making you an outcast, and forcing many to live on the fringes of society, or "under the radar" to avoid harassment.

Your credit report is a whole another fiasco that unjustly affects our peace and happiness. I do not believe any mother or father should shirk their responsibility in providing for their children, but I also believe it is all too easy for our society to judge one as being deadbeat, without knowing the intricacies of the individual's hardships and circumstances. Where a helping hand, or encouraging program could be engaged to assist those struggling, they instead get the whip lashes on their backs of an unjust law.

It is time for the family to renew its strength and come together to take care of their own in this great country of freedom and liberty. But I see a land that is currently imposing hardships on its people through unjust laws, by corrupt politicians and lawyers, and judges that do not care but for their own personal glory and welfare. They would not heap these things upon their own heads. Maybe we have become spoiled in this great nation, and have taken for granted our liberties, and standard of living. Becoming full of pride and selfishness. Our children may have little chance to survive regardless of child-support.

The government's involvement in the affairs of the hearts of the people is an intrusion and a roadblock to our welfare and happiness. Marriage, and the sanctity thereof has been reduced to a monetary value, and has little benefit in the government's taxation. Turning good people into being dishonest to take advantage of some law that allows them to collect money from another. Hardening hearts, and splintering families apart. A supreme court justice said it best, when you take morals out of the judgement, you lose.

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