How is it legal for the AG to order visitation, but not enforce it? The Texas OAG is a joke.

by When doing the right thing isnt good enough
(Garland. Texas)

Im am a 28 yr old fiance to a man that has been dealing with the Texas AG for 10 years. I have been here for 9 of those 10. From all the court dates and battles that I have supported him in, I have learned that the Texas OAG is a jacked up system that supports CP's in their reign of terror.

My fiances childs mother is nothing but vendictive. She uses the OAG as a weapon of means to get her "evens" with her ex, my future husband. She has told him numerous times that she doesnt even want the money. All she wants is jail time, license suspension, and so on. Every court date she asks for jail time, it never fails.

She wants everyone to think that she is a perfect angel struggling to make it. She makes it apparent outside of court how non struggling she really is.

This "strong woman" has been in contempt of court for the past 10 years. Seriously. Not once has she obeyed the visitation orders, NOT ONCE. She refuses to let him see his child, at all costs. She knows she can get away with it, so she does it. She knows there are no resources for him to use to enforce the visitation, so naturally she takes advantage of it.

We are so frustrated and fed up with her BS. Especially my fiance. He believes there is nothing that can be done. All we can hope for is that the child comes looking for him one day. At least by then, maybe we can tell the child the truth about everything.

I have come to a point where I absolutely do not trust the Texas legal system.

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I agree!
by: Anonymous

I am in almost the same situation and the only thing they enforce is to make the NCP pay, they don't care if the CP denies vistation, violates court orders or anything, they only want to make sure you pay the money so they don't have to. That's what its all about in texas and I feel your pain. You are not alone there are many of us!
I am married to an NCP from a girl he got pregnant and now we will pay for the next 14 years (not to mention the 4 he's already paid!)

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