I am her father

by Robert
(smithfield, va)

I have a daughter that is three. She is my world. My ex wanted to abort and even made comments about not wanting her to family and friends, even after her birth. At four months old my wife, a night nurse in the ER, began cheating and running the roads.

I did alone from 4 months old. Even Christmas morning her first Christmas, alone. Then something changed and she wanted to be with our daughter more. She still leaves her to party. Leaving her with her mother who is in a wheel chair with parkinson disease.

I moved on and met someone after waiting eight months for my wife to love us again. After six months with her I knew I was in love with my future wife. I proposed. As soon as my ex realized I was moving on she wanted me back. She tortured my then girlfriend to the point she returned the ring to the store to avoid being in the drama. I almost lost my future because I have a baby with a woman who wants her cake and eat it too.

She then took me for custody and child support. This was all about me moving on, not our daughter. She has had at least five boyfriends so far, and brings them around my daughter. Now my wife and I are married and I pay childsupport. My wife and I take my daughter when my ex works, so about three days a week, plus every other weekend. I pay child support for my child because the state does not see when a father wants to do his job. I make 12 an hour, my ex makes 27 am hour plus shift differences in pay for nights. My wife can not work because my ex works night and I work day.

My wife is 8 years older than my ex and she has three children that are all in school. We have a high school teenager that can watch her children so she can have a life, yet she gives it up to keep my daughter. I don't understand why the dad that wants to be a dad can not be granted a 50/50 split and no support. I feed and care for her half the time. This past month my ex created drama with my wife again, and my wife has had to step back from helping as much. She is ready after a break to resume keeping Nat, but I live in fear of my ex bring harm and drama to all of our lives. Having a baby with her has allowed her to control my life in some ways, and she knows this. The courts don't do a thing to protect the dads. I have to do what she wants me to do or I can't see my daughter except every other weekend. Four days a month.

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