I am not the father

by theron hall
(Akron OH USA)

I have been paying child support for over 14 years only to find out that i am not the father. I was with this young lady off and on she got pregnant aand let me assume that the baby was mine i signed the parternity papers taking i was doing the right thing 2 years later she gets pregnant again this thime from the start i had my suspiscions about the child so i got a dna test it turned out that he was not mine. i go to court for child suport ffor the firstg child and ask for dna testing i guess because i was already behind i was denied and giving 30 days in jail. I lost contact with the mother and it took me almost 14 yrs to cach up to her again. when i did i set a court date for us to go get dna testing we go to court she admits in court that i am not the father . the judge drops the child support ............. so i thought only to find out a week later that i was still being chaed for the arears. I set up another court date only to be told that since i have been paying support for the last 14 yrs that i am still finaincally responsable. what?! all this happened in the state of VA i live in OH so here i am back in the same sinking ship i was in before what do i do i have other kids that that money could be going to. to help to support them. any ways is there any way out of this.

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