I don't know what to do!!!!

by chaz

I've been divorced for a year now, and ever since its been like pulling teeth to see my four year old daughter!!! i love her with all my heart??? it saddens me to read some of the story's on this site... I'm a dad who makes 2400$ a month and i am supposed to pay 975$ a month !!i didn't realize it at the time, but i signed a paper that said i made 3400$ a month. you see at the time i didn't get the lawyer.... she retained an INTERNET lawyer and i paid???

I mean I didn't even know about mediation until after everything was signed sealed an delivered Ive been only able to pay 600$ does this make me a dead beat dad?????I mean i never thought this was going to happen if i did i would have stayed married!! i wanted the divorce because i was not in love any more and i was tired of fighting in front of my child it wasn't fair to her, or us.. I'm lost... my x got married 3 months after the divorce last august of 08... i can honestly say if she wasn't married i wouldn't be having this problem. The weird thing is shes married an still talks about i wanted to do that with you, why couldn't we have done that when we were married i mean the lady is still in love with me... when i call i try not to get dragged into conversations i tell her i called to talk to the baby.

I mean I'm not trying to start trouble i just want to talk to my kid not talk about why do i have to look so good when i get the chance to pick up my kid ..sorry went off on a tangent the bottom line is we have joint custody i guess this doesn't mater if you live in Florida??? i sat down with a lawyer yesterday 6/21/2009 he basically said because of the way the divorce decree, on visitation rights are listed. Even know it says joint; because it states agreed visitation on both party's basically if she don't agree i don't get to see my daughter. oh, but for a 2500$ retainer we can start the ball rolling to modify things even then he said it would cost more money an take months... if i had that kind of money i would be paying the full amount owed to child-support and i would get the best lawyer in the world ..money talks bullshit walks its pretty said if your poor to bad .. what am i a second class citizen i cant do this any more i just want to get on with my life i mean its not fair i was with my daughter every day up until the separation and the divorce..if it wasn't for my family i would be out on the street .. i lost my house two brand new cars my prized child hood possession a 79 corvette and i could care less about all that crap their just things- my daughter is my whole life i would die for her, an my x knows this. i,m truly going crazy over this..

I cant get this thing out of my head i spend every waking moment thinking about her. i mean fathers day was two days ago and i didn't see or hear from my daughter again she spent it with her new daddy.. that's another thing my x put in my baby girls head.. and i don't say anything when i do get to see my daughter i mean shes only 4yrs old she don't understand ..i just want my daughter I'm sick of this. why don't fathers have rights its not right someone please help me.. i beg you some one!!!!!

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