I Dont Want Tx OAG Help!

The purpose of this is to bring to your attention the service I received at the OAG located on University Blvd in San Antonio, Texas. I had requested a child support review because the father of my daughter was behind on his medical support payment and owed arrears. I thought, it would be in my child’s best interest, if the noncustodial added our daughter to his health insurance policy, provided by his employer World Car where he has worked for over ten years selling cars.

The case worker Silva, and the office manager Mary were willing to except the one pay check stub presented to them at the time of the review, instead of looking at all the facts. Already in place is an Order of support, which is less than a year old. My daughter is receiving the child support but not the medical support, this is because there was no Writ of Order in place for the medical support. What I can’t understand is why, the OAG would be willing to change all that has been established and proven in the current Support Order based on one paycheck stub. The modification should be based on medical support and that's all.

Mary even said to me that child support and medical support were the same thing. If this was true, than why would you need two Writ of Order’s filed, one for child support the other for medical support. The reason I changed my mind is I didn’t feel confident in the service of the OAG moreover after meeting at this office. I then realized that I would be better off not having her father involved in any matters having to do with the care of our child’s health. After all he is not doing anything for our daughter that he wasn’t forced to do, which is sad.

Another reason I don’t want the OAG to assist any further is I do not want to go through foreseen problems I would have trying to collect 50% of his share of medical expenses not covered by his health insurance. Again, I would have to seek the service of the OAG to collect. I have called this office several times leaving messages for Silva Price and or Mary, who finally returned my call two days before a court date was set without my approval and without giving me a twenty day notice or a summons to appear. I told the OAG that I would not be appearing, because of the facts I have mentioned.

Furthermore if it is the noncustodial parent asking for a modification he should have to go through the same process I did. Requesting a child support review and making it known why a request for a review should be granted. Again, the current support order has been in effect for about a year if that.

Is this how the OAG conducts there business? In all my years of dealing with the OAG I can only say that it is employee’s like Silva and Mary that continue to give the Texas OAG a Bad Name.

You see my daughter has a rare disease called Still’s. This disease is an Autoimmune disease and Arthritis which requires CBC blood test every two months, and very expensive medications she must take everyday for the rest of her life. This disease calls for a specialist which cost more. Many doctor’s have never heard of this disease, even the ER doctors at the hospital we last visited ( University Hospital in San Antonio ) in January 2013. Having Still’s disease has changed her quality of life, My daughter is a full time student who refuses to give up and give in to her pains from STILL’S disease.

I had a special OAG litigator, who really cares about the best interest of the child, and represents the State. His name is Mr. Gonzales, and he knows what he is doing, it is to bad he doesn’t teach classes! Mr. Gonzales made sure that my daughter’s father was doing his part. After all he is her father, you would think a parent of a sick child, would want to do all they could for the well being and health of their offspring without having to be ordered to do so.

The OAG needs to become a service people will turn to. It is not as though the Texas OAG is doing this for free, so why not just get rid of the slackers working for the state of Texas. I have written several letters, in them you will find people in my opinion who need to be let go or retrained. We the people make the state and in my opinion should mean something, and when it comes down to it, I am their boss.

The other OAG attorney’s and Ombudsmen were unwilling to do anything to help or perhaps they don’t know what to do or how to do it. I have informed Mary that I was no longer interested in the OAG taking this matter to court based on the reasons I have already mentioned, and because the OAG filed Writ of Order for medical support and the arrears are close to being caught up.

What really bothers me about the Texas OAG Child Support Employee's care less about the money it cost us. I am talking about the $3.00 a month and the $25.00 a year. It is like taking food from a baby, in-fact it is! Why isn’t the support order increased for this added expense. MOTHER’S AND FATHER’S should both be concerned because the cost can be increased at any time what was once $3.00 is now $5.00 and so on it goes.

Lets not forget Wells Fargo bank, I didn't choose to have my child support money go there, I would have preferred a check by mail, and while the state of Texas is a member of this bank, I am not, even though it is my money the bank is sitting on!

‘What's up with that’? I’m not reaping any benefits banking with them the fact is it cost me money. Furthermore, taking cases to court that can be resolved without litigation, and a prime example would be my case, ‘check it out’ .

The Texas OAG need to go after the fathers and or mothers that owe at least $1000 and not wait till it is more. I could see spending tax payers money for court. To conclude my letter I am tired of hearing OAG employee's say We don't represent you, we represent the state, okay fine. I don't receive food stamps or afcd now what. So why is the OAG taking this case before a judge, is it because it is an easy case? When the OAG could be spending money and time on a case where thousands of dollars is owed, I guess those kind of cases are to much work, after all the OAG office closes at four.

Until Then I Remain,

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