Best intrest for the children? three boys same wife, I had primary of two she, had one" that stayed with me and my mother most the time,until the first grade thats when the ex left for Hartsville,Alabama didnt tell a soul, after I found out where & how to get him I find he failed the 1st grade, due to her moving 7 times in Alabama.

Their ages oldest 1978, middle one 1980 youngest 1988 born in Dallas,Texas the middle son an the oldest lived with me, the youngest born in 06/1988,my final divorce 04/1990 C/S started 7/90, $33.50 per week. at 1st I was to pay that for each kid & she was keeping them.An she was keeping the house cars truck any and all she could get. She filed an paid for the divorce,I showed up when I was summons the 1st time asked if i wanted to contest it told them no.
I listened to her and her lawyer about the final degree, so I didnt go to the last court hearing like a dummy,
The lawyer told me she would send me a copy of the final degree, going on the word of the ex she kept telling me that I didnt need to send the C/s threw the courts, she even wrote that in letter form and signed it. So shed come to my job I would give her cash,
I noticed it seemed to be more an more each month I would see her, asking for a resiept was like pulling her teeth out, but she did agree to give me some,
I showed the lawyers DA, Judge.
I informed everyone she moved 12 hours away. so I lost a lot of time with him for six years, week ends week day visits. I didnt get credit for driving up there to get on his spring breaks either.
They moved back to Texas 45 mins away in 2003 I wasnt allowed visits that much even though I woud pick him up and take him back.
2007 she got mad at me and turned me in.Playing the courts like a dumb but. I now owe her not him over $60.000.00 dollars. in back child support
at the 1st meeting with the assti DA myself an the ex,
both lawyers, the DA ask her if I payed her any thing
she told him NO, I showed all the parties what was paid
it didnt matter I was told I needed Bond of 5000.00 pd to her, what kind of shit is that?

the reason she got mad and turn me in was over my grandson, which is another story

at the present, the youngest is building his future with the navy got married in 2007,

the middle son is oil rigging the oldest is manger of a auto shop doing well.

The middle son got A.L.L cancer, when he was young almost lost him my mother helped me out, where was she?

the grandson was taken to my ex , after I had him from 6 months until he was 3 an a half years old,
he stayed in the hospital for 6 months after birth, thats when my son left him with me,
then my son got into some trouble with drugs got arrested, and I couldnt wouldnt help him stay out of jail, that when he took him to the ex.

the grand baby has special needs that wasnt being seen to. and yes I called the cps and had them correct the problems thats when she called the C/S division.
I cant see him, evertime I do she takes it out on the baby not me.
the problem was they had to piss in a cup, it seemed funny they, the ex & her husband
gained alot of pounds in a month.

Me I havent been able to find a good paying job, cant
get training for a better paying job. (credit score)
Insurance is so high due to score cant afford to have a car, how do u get around town.
if I had a passport I would leave the USA behind
There is somewhere people dont see one sided or at least see both sides.

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The OAG works for the Custodial parent !!!
by: Enlightened Wife

To the non-custodial parents in Texas. First, demand a DNA test before signing a child support order. I don't care how much the mother threatens to tell your child, it must be done.You cannot ask for one after the order has been signed.Second, you are screwed if you do not fight for joint custody.You can equally care for the child. Understand that child support in Texas is like herpes, it will never go away. If you miss payments d/t unemployment,illness etc. they will continue to expect the whole payment and then tack on interest every month the balance is not paid in full.You cannot claim the child on income tax even though 40% of your income goes to the custodial parent and the custodial parent will receive unearned income for the children, sometimes they receive thousands of dollars , in addition to their child support checks. Thirdly, If you want to give a gift to the kids make it a money order and send it to OAG as a payment. Let the child know that you have done this and how much.If you have to be in child support court for any reason,please get a lawyer. Finally, the OAG is working for the Custodial parent!!! Never forget that.

Child support is a joke....
by: Anonymous

I always that child support was for the help in raising your kids. But most sites I read dealing with the mother whinning about not getting child support, its always worded he owes me child support or its my child support. Never is it the kids support. And they don't tell about how they are getting a welfare check plus food stamps and low housing. Plus they want another 600.00$.What is the man suppose to live on? I had one woman try to tell me that they can only get 25% of a man check. Boy! Is she wrong they can get up to 65% of a man check for child support. And I know for a fact that Oklahoma is a interest bearing state so explain to me if a man owes 300.00$ a month on child support and they charge 50 percent that is another 150.00 that is getting added to the child support.So how is a man every going to catch up on child support. And why do they think the mothers will make a better parent. My husband hasn't seen his kids in over 9 years and she been arrested for neglect,drugs and fire arm. But instead of placing the kids with us they sent him a register letter telling him that if he didn't show up in court that they was going to issue a warrant out for him because they claimed he knew his wife was doing drugs and letting his daughter live with her 21 year old boyfriend. The laws are always going to be for the woman no matter how much we bitch about it.

I know what you are saying
by: Anonymous

It seems like the courts have turned child support into the mothers retirement plan. They say its in the best interest of the kid but its not. They have turned a fantastic thing (having a child) into some kind of property loan that you have to repay. Its funny how when you are making great money they take a lot from you for child support but when you don't have a job your payments don't go down very much if at all. I beleive they said they are trying to give the life the child would have lived if the parents were still together. Well if they were still together then the child would live great when the money was great but he would also live poor if the money was poor. But we all know thats not the case if we lose our job are payments don't drop to meet your income it just continues on until you owe thousands of dollars without regard to your well being and putting you into a finacial situation you almost can't get out of. The way they have it set up you will never have a retirement, house, family or life. Women have it made in this department. And I beleive we can do as good if not a better (finacially)job as them. Good Luck you will need it

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