I HATE the bias and sexist mind-frame

by One8

Of TX Family Law and Child Support

My ex-wife and I have two sons. I've been the primary caregiver for the past 10 yrs. We're both military, and have been separated since '02--divorced since '04. Our sons have lived with me, 8 of the last 10, 5 of the last 7 and 3 of the last four years consecutively.

Now that my ex has met a fairly rich guy, been able to collect bonuses while serving oversees (relax..she was in a green (non-hostile) zone, she began baiting our 15 y/o with things we (me and my current wife)...we're both remarried and have families by the way. Anyway, we..didn't allow our 15 y/o to have a balckberry, his own laptop, and we weren't allowing him to do as he pleases (to include getting high with his cousin on more than 1 occassion. (yeah, his uncle supplies the weed)

Long story short, he decided he wanted to live with his mom...I agreed, though it killed me...but if that makes him happy, so be it. We went to court, in San Antonio, and the judge processed me through like I was a product for the shelves. $1200 a month child support. No conisderation for the fact my ex hasn't been able to carry out her obligations since 2004. (our kids were to spend every other year with one of us) Forget, her character (best insterest of the children my @$$)

I provided pictures from her Facebook showing her drunk with her friends, provocative pictures too. Also, showed the pictures of her in military uniform, mocking how to deep throat a barrel of a Mark -19 Gun. (some role-model) Showed them the letters, our then 12 y/o son wrote to the judge a few years ago stating he wanted to live with me because its more of a family with me; we eat together, I've coached his sports since he was 4 y/o and his mother is constantly having guys over.

My lawyer tried to fight and ask consideration be given..due to the fact my ex-wife and husbands income is just about the same as mine and my wife's. That they live in a 2000 Sq ft home, 1 drives a 2010 Ford Expedition/the other a 2010 F-150 4X4. And that my ex and I had initially agreed on $800 a month. Then she changed it to $1000, then $1300...all within a matter of 7 minutes.

NONE OF THIS MATTERED!!! Somebody tell me what judge would have taken the kids away from a mother who had raised kids for 8 of the last 10 years and 3 of the last 4 consecutively if the father wasn't around? The judge didn't even talk with our son to discover the true reason he wanted to live with her to conclude on the best interest of the child. I was told Texas no longer allows kids to make teh choice; of well.

This is BS! Society condemns fathers for not being active in thier kids' lives, belives our children need positive male role models...that boys need thier fathers to grow-up and be productive members of society...when in reality, what the court system truly believes is ...when it comes to divorce and child-support, a father's worth to his kids is measured by his paycheck. Too many mothers are skating by on antiquated logic...oh, nothing can compare to a mother's love...BS! Father's love thier children too and I'm sick of being pushed to the background.

I need to write a book..there are too many Good, responsible, proven, loving, deserving fatehrs out there who are held prisoner to an archaic and ignorant mindset. I guess juctice is blind, however, I can't help but notice...juctice is a woman...go figure.

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