I have sole custody and Florida still makes me pay support....

by TWard

My three year old daughter lives with my wife and I. She has lived with is full time for roughly 18 months. Her biological mother has had several issues(drugs,(abuse)she does not live in Florida. Prior to the past 18 months with the exception of the first six, I have had at minimum 50% timesharing. In that first six months I fought for custody(honestly, I fought for my daughters safety). In the last three years this woman has stolen my identity, smeared my name, my company(former), she abusedour child, when I married she threatened to kill my wife, I have court orders determining she must stay 500 feet from my house, family. In October of 2012 I asked for modification of child support to reflect my daughters living situation, I was shut down faster than a geriatric with an insurance claim. Again in March of 2013, this time with a formal motion showing my daughter fill tome residence with me as well as financial statements. $3800 was taken from my income tax return and awarded to our "dead beat mom". My attorney is very capable, as capable as one can be in a "mother" centric court house. Again in October of this year we filed a motion to modify child support. A hearing was granted, I received that paperwork exactly one day after receiving notice that my license would be suspended for failure to pay child support. A few days prior to this hearing, this hearing that my wife and I are counting on to keep us off of welfare. I can not work without a license, a few days prior to the hearing date the judge canceled, something must be much more important, TO HER. Here I am two days shy of a full month from the original hearing date, still no new court date. My license, still suspended. My daughter still lives full time here with my wife, son and I. The "dead beat mom" still lives in another state. I maintain that I will not stand between my daughters relationship with her biological mother, we have a phone schedule and I abide by it strictly. Were she in town, with appropriate supervision, she. would have full access. Florida still baffles me. I am no saint, though, I feel as if I am being martyred.

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