I have a one year old daughter who means the world to me. My ex boyfriend and I use to live together, but then I left with our daughter because of physical and verbal abuse. He's never hurt our child in any way, but I refuse to let my child be around such a person unsupervised. We have had police involvement multiple times and two police officers that are very knowledgeable about our situation wrote letters of recommendation to where he might receive sole custody of our daughter.

Now my ex boyfriend isn't the smartest in the bunch, but his family would be the ones to make him fight me for sole custody of her. I'm not saying I don't want him to be in her life, but I'm saying that I don't want him to be left alone with her, for the simple fact that he tried to kidnap our daughter from me once before. He also has a disability and mental issues in which he takes about three medications every day to control himself and calm himself down.

He was suppose to come see her a week ago, and he never did show up, and now he's trying to force me to either let him get her for the weekend or he's just going to forget it all, lose contact, and just be out of her life. Here recently he decided that choice B was the best one for him. He says he's not going to get an attorney to try to fight me in court, because that will get him put on papers to pay child support, and also that this whole situation on going to court is going to be a huge waste of money on his end and mines that we could have used on our daughter, but yet we have been broken up for a little over a month now, and he has yet to send any money for her or even a box of diapers.

That shows me that he doesn't want to take care of his child and I feel that if he doesn't want to fight for her and he's just going to give me those two options, then he really doesn't care. Then again, I don't know what to do about this situation.

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