by Michael
(Omaha, NE)

I currently pay child support for my 2 children who are twins, which were born out of wedlock. I have been the sole provider in their lives from day ONE. It's my understanding that in the state of Nebraska which is where I reside and where my children were born, that neither the mother nor the father is the custodial parent of the children when they are born out of wedlock.

The court order is set up for financial support only and there have never been any court orders for visitation or custody. I pay $800 a month in support plus I’m ordered to pay for medical insurance. The children do reside with their mother but only 35% of the time, and the rest of the time they reside with their grandmother. I want to move my children in with me and get the child support order terminated, but I can't do that unless I know for a fact that the child support will be terminated if I move my children into my home.

Not only am I a better provider but I’m also a better parent. I never know where any of the money goes. The mother has another daughter who I’m sure is benefiting from my money. The mother is collecting money from the state, getting food stamps and housing assistance. So she shouldn't have very many bills.

She is defrauding the state also by not reporting more household income from her boyfriend (WHO IS A FELON), and since she is getting housing assistance, she is not supposed to have any man living with her that is not on the lease, let alone a felon. I don't know this man and I don't trust him around my kids. My kids clothes never fit...they are 4 years old and are still wearing 2T toddler clothes. The only thing they ever have is a new pair of shoes. Every time they are with me they are hungry and I have to provide all of their necessities when they are with me. She never gives me any money for them. And to top it all off...I have 3 other small children that live with me now that I have to support.

My check is being garnished so GOD HELP ME!!! IF I EVER LOSE MY JOB...I'M TRULY, SOL. I want all of my kids under the same roof where I know that they will be safe. I cannot say that she is abusive towards the children, I have never seen any proof of that, but she drops my kids off here and there. There is always somebody else watching my kids instead of me and she never has them. Since we were never married... I should have the same rights as her...I'm going to move my kids in with me and have child support terminated ASAP. Easier said then done. I'll still probably have to get an attorney.

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